Laurelwood Elementary School FAQs

Posted January 28, 2020

On January 22, 2020, Evergreen School District Superintendent Dr. Emy Flores announced Dove Hill and Laurelwood elementary schools closure/consolidation at the end of the 2019-20 school year. See our school consolidation webpages to learn more.

The following answers some FAQs for the families of Laurelwood Elementary School.

Which school will my child attend?

  • Families in the immediate vicinity of Laurelwood will attend Cadwallader Elementary School.
  • Families in the “Estates” area will attend Matsumoto Elementary School.
  • Families living in the “Pacific Rim Way” area and the side of San Felipe opposite of the “Estates” will attend J. F. Smith Elementary School.
  • Special Education program sites will be determined at a later date as we are determining which sites that can best fit a Special Education continuum to minimize the transitional impacts on students with special needs.

What are the new boundaries?

  • Final boundaries will be approved by the Board of Trustees at the February 13 Board meeting.
  • Alternate School Locator 2020-21: Please click on Alternate School Locator to see proposed boundary changes for 2020-21 due to School Consolidation.

Is my child required to attend their newly assigned school? Can I choose a different school?

  • All families living in the boundaries of Laurelwood and Dove Hill Schools will be assigned a new home school that will be consistent with the new school boundaries. However, for the 2020-21 year only, there will be an opportunity for a request of Re-Assignment prior to the School Choice Lottery window.
  • All students will be assigned to a home school that is consistent with new school boundaries. Families wishing to request a different school should follow the School Choice transfer process.

What if my child is currently on an interdistrict or school choice permit at Laurelwood?
Evergreen School District believes that it is important for students to maintain consistent enrollment. Interdistrict students in good standing will automatically be placed. All interdistrict students attending Laurelwood Elementary School will be placed at Cadwallader Elementary School.

What will happen with siblings of students attending a closed/consolidated school through school choice?
All students will be assigned to the home school consistent with the new school boundaries. Students wishing to attend a different school must apply for School Choice. While there are no guarantees of school placement, siblings are given higher priority.

Will someone be available to help my child should he or she experience anxiety about this move? What will you do to help my child make the transition? Will there be any counseling support for students who are upset about their school closing?
Our district is fortunate to have social workers and counselors on staff who will work with any students who are experiencing anxiety or stress due to the transition to a new school. Teachers and staff will be ready to discuss the feelings the students are experiencing as well.

When will I be able to visit my new school and meet with the principal and teachers?
There will be a transition committee comprised of school staff (veteran and new staff joining the school campus), current parents and newly entering parents, upper grade student reps (current and newly entering), and district staff that will plan multiple opportunities to interact on the new campuses. Once staffing has been affirmed, joint activities will be planned so that new families can see the campus and classrooms and will begin to feel familiar and included. The receiving school principals will start including new families in their communications so that new families are aware of things that are happening and can participate. Parents will be encouraged to attend any and all parent meetings at the new school. Any planned events will occur in the spring, as soon as the students, teachers, and staff have been placed.

Will you be holding an open house meeting for new parents?
Principals will hold a Meet and Greet event to provide new families an opportunity to meet them and tour the campus once all student and staff assignments have been made. This will occur in the spring, and principals will provide additional information on their school’s Meet and Greet event in the future.

Will there be closing ceremonies for our school?
There will be a transition committee comprised of school staff, parents, upper grade students, and district staff that will plan activities that will honor the history of the school that is closing. Former staff members and alumni families will be invited back to attend and participate in the activities.