Nov 17. 2017

Written Spelling Bee Thursday Nov 30th - Redo

Due to technical difficulties experienced during the Chaboya Written Spelling Bee given on November 8, Chaboya students are invited to re-take the 2017-18 Chaboya Written Spelling Bee.

The Chaboya Written Spelling Bee is:

  • Optional. Must Sign-Up to participate (more info below).
  • Will not impact a students school grade.
  • Will be a face-to-face Spelling Bee.
  • Will lead to the Chaboya Oral Spelling Bee.
  • The winner of the Chaboya Oral Spelling Bee is eligible to participate in the next steps towards the 2018 Scripps National Spelling Bee.

Past Spelling Bee News

When & Where, How, Sign-up & Study

  • WHEN & WHERE - Thursday November 30th during SSR time in the school library (location may change dependent on number of students)
  • HOW - Face-to-face delivery of words with option of a word used in a sentence.
  • SIGN-UP & STUDY - Interested students MUST sign-up online to participate in the 2017-18 Chaboya Written Spelling Bee. Upon registration, students will be emailed the 450 word study guide. CLICK HERE to Sign-Up


Please contact


Oct 20, 2017

Chaboya Spelling Bee Coming Soon!

Chaboya is enrolled in this years Scripps National Spelling Bee and its that time to start studying to compete. Below are the dates and links to prepare for this years Spelling Bee.


  • Nov 8th - Written Spelling Bee
    • Written Bee will be taken by all 7th and 8th graders at school during SSR on Wednesday Nov 8.
    • Students will use the Spellit link to prepare for the test.
    • The top 50 from the written bee will make it to the Oral bee.
  • Dec 13 - Oral Spelling Bee


Please note that you need the latest version of the FREE Adobe Reader software to open the PDFs available on this page.
Click here to download Adobe Reader.

Volunteers Needed:

Enthusiastic parent volunteers are needed to correct Written Spelling Bee papers. Since all of Chaboya students will be participating in the Written Bee, we would need at least 15 to 20 parent volunteers to help correct papers.

  • Meet Monday November 13th
  • Meet Time: 11:00am to 1:00pm
  • Sign in at the office and meet in Room B4

Sign Up Now!


Please email

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