Nerd Scouts Club

Club Description:

a. What is a nerd?

Nerds are people who are genuinely interested in or passionate about a subject or a number of subjects.

b. What do nerds do?

They laugh, have fun, learn, enjoy, create, invent, create joy, and do other things to make the world a better place!

c. How does Nerdscouting help nerds?

Nerdscout Teams are groups of nerds that band together to help each other grow as individuals: share stuff they like, find new stuff they’ll love, try new things, and have fun. In our experience, anything worth doing is more fun when you do it with people who have similar values, some common interests or goals...friends. Nerdscouting is a way to be with your friends and make new friends while you share stuff, and learn stuff, and grow.

Club Objective:

The mission of Nerdscouting is to prepare people to make ethical, empowering, constructive personal choices throughout their lives, through assisting them to realize and augment their Nerdscout Identity.

The Nerdscout Identity:

A Nerdscout is: Enthusiastic, Supportive, Honest, Generous, Thoughtful, Brave, Principled, Tolerant, Friendly, Healthy, Innovative, Collaborative, and Imaginative.

Club Adviser:

Evan Jones

Club Meeting & Minutes

Date Leader - Activity Start Time Actions for next meeting
10/6 Amogh - Kahoot Lunch Submit questions for next Kahoot
10/10 Amogh - Games Day Lunch
10/13 Amogh - Poster Contest Lunch Poster Contest
10/20 Grady - Nerdy Videos Lunch Poster Contest

10/24 Mr. Jones - "One Night" game Lunch Poster contest submissions due online tonight!
10/27 Amogh - Kahoot round 2 Lunch
10/31 No Leader - Costume Contest Lunch
11/3 Tedrick & Joseph - Hamilton Lunch
11/7 Grady - Cuphead Lunch
11/10 No school
11/14 Joseph - OrangeLemonZ Lunch
11/17 Aaron - Robots

Club Requirements

Approved by the Board: April 11, 2017

Effective for the 2017-2018 school year, in order for the PTSA to fund an after school clubs the

following must be met:

  1. Club must have a minimum of 10 members
  2. Club must post on Under Student Life/Clubs with a minimal of the Club Web Page template below, attendance log or minutes showing who attended the meeting must be submitted with their request. Club must meet at least monthly.
  3. Every club must have completed a club form and approved by Leadership
  4. Year long clubs program must begin no later than October 1st
  5. The Board will allow a new club for the 2nd semester if it's approved by leadership showing a valid reason for its creation. Club must begin no later than 2/1. Minimum number of members is required.
  6. Stipend per club if above criteria are met is $100 per semester. Clubs that have been in existence for 3 years and have met continuously without interruption will receive $200 per semester. These long standing clubs could also request to receive the entire year stipend at the end of first semester. Submission of attendance logs or minutes for the remainder of the year is required to validate year long existence. If it is deemed that a club failed to meet the requirements for the entire year future funding will be at risk.

Club Events

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