Girls Who Code Club 2017-18

We will usually meet on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month from 2:30pm to 3:30pm unless otherwise stated.

Club Description

Our lives are surrounded by technology. Computer science is the future, yet fewer than one in five computer science graduates and less than a quarter of computer scientists are women. To address the gender gap, Girls Coding Club is a welcoming place to learn how to code, create amazing programs, and have fun!....

Club Objective

Learn HTML/CSS to create your own website, JavaScript to build games, and Python to program. Use your knowledge of programming to build impactful projects and compete in club contests.

Club Adviser

Robert Sevilla


Jocelin Su is a junior at Evergreen Valley High School. Ever since taking AP CS in her freshman year, she has loved coding, and has attended the Stanford AI Lab Outreach summer program, coded AI projects, and qualified for the USA Computing Olympiad Gold level. In Girls Coding Club, Jocelin is eager to share her knowledge and inspire interests in computer science.

Club Meeting & Minutes

Club Meetings & Minutes:

Date Agenda/Minutes Start Time Actions
10/23/2017 Link to Agenda/Minutes 2:30pm - 3:40pm Introductions and introduction to HTML.
11/6/2017 Link to Agenda/Minutes 2:30pm - 3:30pm

Introduction to CSS.

Club Requirements

Chaboya Middle School After School Clubs Requirements

Approved by the Board: April 11, 2017

Effective for the 2017-2018 school year, in order for the PTSA to fund an after school clubs the

following must be met:

  1. Club must have a minimum of 10 members
  2. Club must post on Under Student Life/Clubs with a minimal of the Club Web Page template below, attendance log or minutes showing who attended the meeting must be submitted with their request. Club must meet at least monthly.
  3. Every club must have completed a club form and approved by Leadership
  4. Year long clubs program must begin no later than October 1st
  5. The Board will allow a new club for the 2nd semester if it's approved by leadership showing a valid reason for its creation. Club must begin no later than 2/1. Minimum number of members is required.
  6. Stipend per club if above criteria are met is $100 per semester. Clubs that have been in existence for 3 years and have met continuously without interruption will receive $200 per semester. These long standing clubs could also request to receive the entire year stipend at the end of first semester. Submission of attendance logs or minutes for the remainder of the year is required to validate year long existence. If it is deemed that a club failed to meet the requirements for the entire year future funding will be at risk.

Club Events

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