Chaboya Communication to Parents

Principal's General Communication

Chaboya Middle School Principal and Assistant Principals will be sending parents/guardians and students information on school events and news via:

  1. Email directly to parents, students, and staff via School Messenger. School Messenger pulls your registration from Power School.
  2. Chaboya School New Letter - emailed every Friday to all Power School subscribed parents.
    1. Every Friday of the school year, the principal sends home an electronic school newsletter, which contains information about the school’s programs, the school calendar, notices, student achievement, special events, and awards. Help us communicate Chaboya’s many programs by insisting on reading the newsletter every Friday. Utilize the newsletter to update calendars and this Student Agenda each Friday. Please check Chaboya’s website for additional information.

  3. Chaboya Colt Headlines - located on the schools website front page under the main banner. Also copied to Facebook @Officialchaboyanews.

Letter to Student, Parents, Guardians

  • Chaboya Middle School Website is the information source with many useful features and helpful information for parents/guardians and students.
  • Our School Website Address is
  • All latest updates from flyer's and or emails will be posted to our web page.

Chaboya Middle School’s website is filled with great information from what is going on academically, athletically and socially at school. Here are a few of the many features on the Chaboya Middle School website that are designed to give you information quickly and easily whether you are looking at the website from a laptop, desktop, tablet or from your mobile phone.

  • is filled with lots of great information. We encourage you to take a minute to familiarize yourself with the front page and topics on the menu bar and drop down menus so you know what information is available. The menu bar at the top of the page links directly to the district website while the red menu bar in the middle takes you to everything you want to know about our school.
  • Three categories of news keep you up to date with everything going on at school and our district.
    1. School News & Events - Displayed on the website front page under "Colt Headlines" and in the lower section listed as "Colt News".
    2. District News - Displayed on the website front page in the lower section listed as "Evergreen District News".
    3. Community News - Displayed on the website front page in the lower section listed as "Community News".
  • Social media - Connect to us on Facebook @Officialchaboyanews, Facebook @ Officialchaboyasports, Instagram @Officialchaboyanews and Twitter.
  • Language Translation - A convenient language translation button, located at the bottom of every page, automatically translates the entire website into 20 languages. If your language preference is not listed in the selection box, please let us know and we can see if it is available to add.
Calendar Events - Subscribe to our school calendar. Tired of manually adding school events to your personal calendar? You can subscribe to the school calendar events to automatically receive email or text reminders.
  • Go to Chaboya Calendars. Subscribe to calendar events by clicking the Alerts icon above the calendar and obtain email or text alerts/reminders.
  • You must register to calendar subscription tool.

Chaboya Middle School

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