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"Backing the Future for 60 Years": Evergreen Elementary School
Posted 09/24/2015 09:54AM

Molly Edgar

Students at Evergreen Elementary arrived to school on the very first day of the year to find their campus decorated with birthday balloons. Surprised by such an unusual sight, they soon learned that the balloons were just the start of what will be a yearlong birthday celebration.

60 years ago, in 1955, Evergreen Elementary School opened on Fowler Road. The oldest school and namesake of the district, it was located at two previous locations dating back to the 1800s. With such a rich history to look back on, it is only fitting that Evergreen School's birthday party will continue throughout the year. A variety of events and activities will remind Evergreen community members of the many reasons why their school's history is worth cherishing.

The anniversary celebration has also inspired the theme for this year's PTA membership drive: "Backing the Future for 60 years". Inspired by the 1980's sci-fi film Back to the Future, the anniversary planning committee decided that the theme fit perfectly, as the movie referenced the year 1955 in the past, and 2015 in the future. Taking this idea and running with it, the committee has some exciting plans in the works.

In the "Eagle's Nest" on campus at Evergreen School, a giant three-dimensional time machine has been created. The time machine is "powered up" as the PTA's membership grows, and students will witness the exciting process. $15 to join, PTA members also have the option of purchasing the 60th anniversary commemorative T-shirt. Principal Steve Sweeney said the drive is off to a promising start.

Including the students into the celebration, they will all receive an ID badge lanyard that corresponds to the back to the future theme. Principal Steve Sweeney says, "The things we normally do will have a fifties twist to it, or a back to the future twist on it." Approaching shortly in October is International Walk to School Day, where Evergreen School students will be welcomed to school with music from the 1950's. Participation in these spirit days and other school events throughout the year will earn students stickers to place on the back of their badge. At the end of the year, students will be able to keep the lanyards as souvenirs of the 60th anniversary year.

The year-long festivities would not be possible without the hard work and creativity of the anniversary planning committee. Composed of members of the PTA, office staff, and principal Steve Sweeney of Evergreen School, this group developed the idea for the theme of the celebration and will continue to plan engaging events throughout the year. With a rich history behind it and a bright future to look forward to it, we congratulate Evergreen Elementary School on 60 years of excellence!

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