Band Attitude

Attitude is everything!

The greatest single factor to determine the success of an individual or organization is attitude!

The kind of person you are is an individual choice, and how you feel about something is one of the few actual independent choices you have in life.

Having a positive attitude makes an artistic performance inevitable and is the difference between a winning organization and a mediocre group.

The band can do so much for you.

Make the most of it in every rehearsal and performance!

About Band

For more information about our music program, please email Mrs. Kolber

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Welcome to Chaboya’s Music Program! I am certain your experience will be rewarding and fun. I look forward to making music with you this year! Keep your eyes open for informative hand outs and flyers as the school year begins. The first few days may seem to be full of information, but be patient, you'll figure it out soon. Have fun learning. You will do great!

Music at Chaboya

This is a great time to make music! Enjoy your music experience at Chaboya Middle School and have fun. Remember "Excellence is not a place, it is a direction!" You're headed in the right direction when you join a music class!

Chaboya has an active music program with Symphonic and Concert Bands and a Percussion Ensemble led by Mrs. Karen Kolber. Beginning guitar is also offered as an elective class.

Music is for everyone! As the saying goes... "No one can whistle a symphony. It takes an orchestra to play it!"

TOP REASONS for sticking with BAND as you get ready for High School:

  • Band Students on average receive higher scores on the SAT and the ACT.
  • More band students receive scholarships and awards than any other group.
  • It enhances teamwork skills in a disciplined environment.
  • They see music as a foreign language that you perform confidently.
  • It is a sign of your integrity, time management, and commitment.
  • Universities do not want to see students who bounce around from elective class to elective class. Never really throwing themselves into a single interest for their high school career.
  • You invest yourself in campus life while showing loyalty and school spirit.
  • Universities like USC and Michigan have a very loyal school spirit atmosphere where alumni are all active in university life by donating money, attending performances, and sporting events.
  • Being in band at the high school level builds this spirit of loyalty to the school. Being in band at the middle school level prepares you for high school level band.
  • It’s waking up early so you can do an extra rehearsal.
  • It’s staying after school to practice.
  • It’s rehearsing or going to a competition on a Saturday.
  • It’s taking your homework with you to football games or competitions.
  • This is the exact commitment and dedication that universities want to see!
  • 65% of all music majors applying to medical school are accepted.
  • There are 5X as many scholarships for academics than for sports.
  • Universities view music students academically above average.
  • In a survey of Fortune 500 CEO’s, 60% of CEO’s had a music background.
  • Students are always able to be in band all 4 years and take all the necessary AP classes for college.
  • Top students around the nation manage to do it, That means you can too.

An Interview: Meet Mrs. Kolber

Interviewer: Who are you?

Mrs. Kolber: My name is Mrs. Karen Kolber. I am a music teacher at Chaboya Middle School. Band (Concert and Symphonic), guitar and ukulele are the subjects I teach at CMS. I ...more

Band Calendar Events

Band Member Duties

  1. Be on time to all rehearsals and performances. Early is on time and on time is late.
  2. When the director or staff member steps on the podium or asks for your attention, all taking should cease.
  3. Come to rehearsal with a good attitude.
  4. No horsing around with your instrument.
  5. Make a real effort to improve on a daily basis, establish a good practice routine.
  6. At the end of rehearsal put all materials in their proper place.
  7. Maintain a strong academic standing in all course work (seek help if you are struggling in a tough subject).
  8. Become responsible for and assume responsibility for your own actions. Admit when you are wrong.
  9. Have proper respect for yourself, your classmates, and those in authority.
  10. Read and play music with insight, have musical expectations.

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