Physical Education

P.E. Expectations - Every student is expected to dress daily in the proper P.E. attire and participate with maximum personal effort.

Medical Excuses - All physical limitations must be authorized by a doctor. Parents may excuse their child from P.E. for three days. After three days, a note is required by the student's physician.

Uniform - The physical education uniform consists of Chaboya's P.E. clothes or plain black athletic shorts and a plain white t-shirt. Non-suits will not be allowed in the locker room. Athletic shoes are required to be tied.

Uniform Cost

Lock $6.00
Shirt $12.00
Shorts $15.00
PE Gym Bags $5.00

(as package) $35.00

Sweatpants $20.00 (optional)
Sweatshirt $25.00 (optional)

California Physical Fitness Test - The California Physical Fitness Test (PFT) is administered to students in 7th grade. Students in 5th and 9th grades also take this state fitness test.

Chaboya PE Website - For more information, visit

P.E. Teachers

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