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iReady Assessment Information for Parents
Posted 09/01/2020 02:23PM

iReady Assessment Information for Parents

It's iReady Diagnostic Time!

Each 1st through 6th grade Cadwallader student will be taking the iReady online diagnostic test three times a year and the first diagnostic test will start this week- week of 9/8/20. Math iReady Diagnostic: Week of 9/8/20 and Reading iReady Diagnostic: Week of 9/14/20

During class time, teachers will be guiding the students to complete the iReady Diagnostic during the school day.

Parents- we do need your support at home.

Important: Students need to complete their iReady Diagnostic independently- without getting help from anyone to answer questions.

  • From iReady Central website to parents: "You'll be tempted to help on the test. We get it—the i-Ready test is hard. But this test is not for a grade. It helps teachers give your child the best instruction possible."

"Think of it this way—would you help your child with a vision test? No, because hints won't help the eye doctor help them. With i-Ready, hints on the test now could negatively impact your child's instruction later."

  • Students will find that some questions are easy and some are very challenging. It will ask students to answer some questions that may include things they have not seen before that are above their grade level. Note that the test is adaptive- it adjusts the difficulty of each test based on the previous response. If a student answers correctly, the difficulty of the next item increases. If a student misses a question, the difficulty of the next item decreases. They are not expected to know every answer.
  • Students are just asked to do their best on their own without getting help from anyone or looking up anything for help. Their scores will help teachers determine how to best support their learning and pinpoint goal areas to work on.

For more parent information about iReady, including How Does My Child Navigate i-Ready Diagnostic and Instruction-

*Classroom teachers will be providing iReady login information. Students will be accessing iReady through Path to Excel.

Other iReady Informational Links for Families:

Family Checklist for Administering Diagnostic at Home

Family Fridge Tips-iReady Diagnostic (English)

"You Got This!" i-Ready Diagnostic at Home Video for Students

Family Resources for Assessing at Home in Multiple Languages

Please visit out school website ( Click here ) for more information.

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