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Welcome back to Cadwallader School
Posted 08/14/2020 03:12PM

August 2020

Welcome to our Cadwallader Families!

In addition to our returning families, I would like to extend a warm welcome to our new families joining us for the first time. Some of you are starting in preschool or Kindergarten. Others have moved into our community or are shifting to us from Laurelwood or Dove Hill. We welcome you all and look forward to connecting with you this year.

Until it is safe for students and staff to return to school in person, we will be bringing school to you with Distance Learning. Although distance learning may not be the optimal learning environment, it is what is currently available to us during this pandemic. We have a momentous task we share as a Cadwallader community of continuing to educate our children while supporting their physical, social and emotional needs in the safest manner possible.

As your principal and on behalf of our staff, I would like to reassure you that we are committed to giving our best professional effort to continue to support your child's needs within a safe environment. In exchange, I ask you for your patience, support and understanding of our staff's effort during this difficult time.

Updates to School's Website: Our Cadwallader Website has been recently updated, we have included a Distance Learning tab that includes Frequently Asked Questions.

Office Hours: Our school office is now open from 7:30am-4pm. Anything that can be handled via phone or email is strongly encouraged. Please know that when you visit the office we are following safety protocols:

Visitors and school personnel must wear face masks.

We have hand sanitizer and a box of masks

Limit the number of visitors in/around the office to maintain 6 feet social distancing

Before coming to the office, please self-screen with the guidelines attached - HERE

Chrome Book or WiFi Hot Spot: If you did not fill out a survey online and need a Chrome book or Wifi HotSpot, please email Mrs. Bhoot at We are calling those that did not respond to the survey, so if you email us first it may save us a phone call. Chrome books and WiFi Hot Spots will be distributed on Monday and Tuesday with students learning supplies.

Parent Handbook: The Parent handbook will be uploaded to the school website and sent out to parents when completed.

Who is my child's teacher?:

Parents will be able to login to Parent Portal on Wednesday, August 12th after 5pm to find out the name(s) of their child's classroom teacher. Look under the My Schedule tab. Having difficulty logging in? Call (408-270-4950) or email Mrs. Bhoot ( if you are not successful with the directions below.

Parent Portal Instructions:




What is the Daily School Schedule?:

The school schedule is being finalized at the district level and will be shared as soon as we receive it. Schedules are approximately 8:30am -2pm with breaks for movement and lunch. Final schedules will be shared with parents prior to the 19th.

• 3 hours for TK/Kindergarten

• 3 hours, 50 minutes for Grades 1-3

• 4 hours for Grades 4-8

• Breaks (do not count toward instructional minutes)

• Lunch periods (do not count toward instructional minutes)

Will my child need supplies?: Cadwallader will supply students with the basic materials for learning. No need to go shopping unless you want something special.

When can we pick up books, materials, and a device if my child needs a device?: Drive through to have materials put in the trunk of your car. If you walk, please stand back until we address you, so we all stay safe. It will also be a time to say hello to your teacher from a distance.



11 AM -12 PM



1st Grade

12 PM -1PM




2nd Grade

1 PM -2 PM




3rd Grade

2 PM -3 PM





6th Grade

11 AM -12 PM



4th Grade

12 PM -1 PM



5th Grade

1 PM -2 PM



Preschool Materials Pickup for Ms. Collen and Mrs. Herrera's classes:

Wednesday, August 19th 10-11am

How will my child receive lunch from the school?:

Students will be asked each day during morning attendance if they will be picking up lunch at Cadwallader outside our cafeteria. Lunch will be provided at each individual school site. A student must have their ID number in order to purchase/pick up lunch. Student ID's will be given out with materials on the 17th and 18th. All parents were mailed a letter from Child Nutrition Services with a bar code.

Please fill out an application for free or reduced lunch, even if you will never purchase or pick up a lunch. The option will be available if you need it and it is the data used to note if we receive Title I funds to support our school. It is confidential. The school is not aware of who is getting free or reduced lunch. That information is kept at the district level.

Please apply online:

Attached are paper copies you are welcome to either print or fill out in our front office.

2019-20 Free & Reduced Lunch Application - English

How to Apply for Free & Reduced Price Meals - English

2019-20 Free & Reduced Lunch Application- Spanish

How to Apply for Free & Reduced Price Meals - Spanish

2019-20 Free & Reduced Lunch Application- Vietnamese

How to Apply for Free & Reduced Price Meals - Vietnamese

Student Engagement: We WILL have some fun, interactive things planned for the year - virtual challenges, spirit days, etc. I will be in touch and our office will update our school website Cadwallader Website regularly beginning in August. Look for my weekly parent email every Sunday to inform you of everything going on each week. That message will be posted on our website as well.

Set a Positive Tone! As parents, let's set the tone for the year for our kids. When they announce the plans, read them in private and discuss with your partner or other adult alone. Then come back and tell your kids as positively as possible about "school." Tell them how proud you are of them wanting to keep others safe and how much their teachers are looking forward to going on this adventure with them. Tell them to just try their best. They are watching our reaction and will respond accordingly. They don't need to add your worries to their own. Let's be kind to each other and our school. If we are excited and positive, they will be too!

Welcome Kinders and New Families: Last but not least, I want to extend a warm welcome to our kindergarten families and new families. I know this is a challenging way to start school and we will be communicating with you directly prior to the 19th to help you navigate this new frontier. There will be a Kindergarten Orientation via Zoom on Tuesday, August 18th at 8:30am. Please watch for an email from your child's teacher!

Your Needs as a Family:

Over the course of the summer, your needs may have changed. Please know that we are here to help you in a friendly, yet confidential way. If being able to provide food for your family has changed over the summer, please contact us. If a member in your family is having a difficult time dealing with the negative effects of the pandemic, please contact us. If housing has become an issue, please contact us. If access to technology including connectivity to the internet is an issue, please contact us. One of my responsibilities as principal is making sure to take care of our school community during this challenging time. Do not feel you are alone or feel embarrassed by your situation. We want to help you and if we can't help you, we will be able to provide you the resources to get the help you currently need.

Contact us by phone or email:

If you have questions, concerns, or needs, please contact our school office at 408-270-4950. In addition, feel free to email me ( or Mrs. Bhoot ( and we may be able to answer you faster over email.

At Cadwallader we are a team and we will work together to support you. "Cougars Count On Each Other" is our school motto and we act on that principle.

I'm proud to be your principal and looking forward to a year of learning with our students and families.


Maureen McClintock

Principal of Cadwallader Elementary

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