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Comprehensive Safe School Plan Components
Posted 03/02/2017 10:48AM

Component 1:Personal Characteristics of Students and Staff

Goal:Support students and staff in developing personal growth in a caring environment that is conducive to learning


The staff will continue to model equal treatment of students regardless of their race and ethnicity and will teach cultural awareness and tolerance.

Character Education (manners, traits) and Bully Prevention Strategies will be highlighted and integrated with Monthly Character Trait assemblies.

Centrally located bulletin boards will be maintained to display and promote the celebration of classroom activities, assemblies, spirit days, family night programs, and teacher and parent celebrations.

Academic Awards Assemblies will be scheduled at the end of each trimester to recognize student achievement.

Staff members will be supported in their efforts to be life-long learners by being given opportunities to attend conferences, site and district trainings, and hiring consultants to promote their personal and professional growth and development.

Principal to hold a special celebration for students that are recognized by teachers

Teachers to hold conflict resolution and bully prevention meetings as needed to:

oTalk about how to resolve conflicts

oHow to respond to bully situations

oDiscussion around the monthly trait (perseverance, Respect...)

  • Students informing the community about Character Traits via the biweekly announcements
  • RAH and Glider Grams to be announced by teachers on Fridays – Glider Grams to be aligned to Character Traits
  • Counseling referrals to be reviewed by the principal for counseling support and provided within in timely manner
  • School to consider Habits OF Mind Lessons
  • Create criteria for Glider Grams

Component 2:Physical Environment

Goal:Develop a safe and orderly environment that promotes student safety on a daily basis.Develop a system of disaster preparedness that plans for natural disasters and protects students and staff from potentially harmful outsiders intruding on campus.

Improvement Activities:

  • Each classroom will be equipped with a disaster backpack
  • All classrooms will have a Comprehensive Emergency Response Folder
  • All staff members will practice lock down, run-hide-defend and evacuation procedures, as well as a district disaster drill
  • Assemblies will be held to educate students in how to prevent student altercations and spot a bully and take appropriate action
  • Bi-weekly morning announcements will be made to promote RAH, Glider Grams and do the flag salute
  • All visitors will be required to check-in at the front office before entering the school.Visitor Badges will be issued to all school visitors.
  • Parents will be informed about the check in policy and procedures via the Weekly Newsletter
  • Fire inspections as determined by the local fire department to be completed
  • All staff members will be offered courses in First Aid and CPR through the district or other certified agencies
  • Signs will be clearly posted prohibiting drugs, weapons, and smoking on campus.Students will continue to participate in activities during the district's Red Ribbon Week. Post no dogs allowed signs at Camperdown Way and signs prohibiting adults from using student restrooms

Gates to be locked at Camperdown Way, side gates and front of the school from 8:10am -2:00pm

Component 3: Social Environment

Goal:To facilitate increase the partnership with parents and community businesses that support the total school program and a healthy school environment

Improvement Activities:

We will continue to seek the support of local businesses to participate in school fundraisers and other social events.

We will continue to work with the PTA to organize activities that promote positive social relationships with community members and businesses.

Teachers to host an end of year celebration to honor parent volunteers

PTA to recognize teachers for their efforts

Continue to explore and implement Project Cornerstone's ABC Program

Parents to sign up at the beginning of the year for various activities

  • Spirit Days conducted by Student Council

Component 4:The School's Culture

Goal:Based upon John J. Montgomery's multi-cultural population and school-wide culture, we are committed to acknowledging and celebrating all cultures

Improvement Activities:

  • school activities will be used to promote and celebrate cultural diversity
  • Administer Safe School's Survey and Youth Truth Survey (staff, parents, 3rd-6th grades)
  • Translators at parent meetings as needed (Vietnamese and Spanish) to be more inviting and ensure all families with language barriers are included
  • Talent show committee to consider including multicultural fashion presentations
  • Jigsaw – each classroom to study one culture that is represented at our school
  • Staff may wish to participate display their musical or theater talents for children
  • Spirit Days conducted by Student Council

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