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2019 Battle of the Books Champions
Posted 11/22/2019 07:32AM

The 2019 Battle of the Books Finale Competitions were held in November, and our champions have been crowned! Thank you to all the students, grades 3-6, that participated in this reading battle royale!

5th/6th Grade Finals Round:

As the student audience walked into the multi purpose room for the 5th/6th grade Battle fo the Book finale, they had no idea they were about to witness such an exciting match. This was the finals round between the 5th grade team "The Underdogs" and the 6th grade team "Death Eaters". The game started off with the Death Eaters in the lead. Then the Underdogs started earning points, and suddenly were ahead... with the Death Eaters playing catch up. They caught up well, and by the time the last question came, they were only two points behind. If they got it right, they would tie with the Underdogs. That was nerve wracking! The Underdogs pressed their buzzer first and answered correctly, finalizing their victory! The Underdogs were whooping and clapping their hands with excitement. The Death Eaters were disappointed, as all teammates were 6th graders, but they took a moment to take in their last BoB competition at Silver Oak. High-fives for all our finalists! Well played.

Congratulations to 5th/6th Grade BoB Champs... THE UNDERDOGS!

Battle of the Books 5th/6th Grade Winning Team

5th/6th Grade Runners-Up... DEATH EATERS

Battle of the Books Runners Up

3rd/4th Grade Finals Round:

We witnessed 5th grade "Underdogs" team beat 6th grade "Death Eaters" team earlier. Now all were wondering if 3rd grade would repeat the upset trend against 4th grade... or if 4th grade would pull out the win in the 3rd/4th grade Battle of the Books Finale Competition!

Competition started with the 4th grade team, "The Last Survivors", jumping to a slight lead. Third grade team, "The Best Readers on Earth", caught up quickly, and surged into the lead. By hitting the buzzer at every question, giving correct title and author names, Best Readers maintained a steady lead. Last Survivors did get many answers correct, winning a great cheer from fellow 4th graders in the audience. In the end it was not enough,"The Best Readers on Earth" scored a significant lead and defeated "The Last Survivors". History indeed repeated itself, as the lower grade defeated its upper grade counterpart. It was a good match and everybody in the audience enjoyed watching both teams try their best. Will "The Best Readers on Earth" return next year to defend their crown?. Will "The Last Survivors" try once again to be the winning team? Sure hope so!.

Congratulations to 3rd/4th Grade BoB Champs... THE BEST READERS ON EARTH!

BoB 3rd/4th Grade Winners

3rd/4th Grade Runners-Up... THE LAST SURVIVORS

BoB 3rd/4th Grade Runners Up

Winners received a certificate, along with Amazon gift cards courtesy of Silver Oak PTO.

If you have any questions about the Battle of the Books programs,
please contact PTO Parent Coordinator, Neha Vyas.

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