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Pledge Drive Update: Participation Data & Upcoming Raffle
Posted 09/11/2019 05:24PM


Thank you to all the Silver Oak Families that have pledged their support to SOEP/PTO!

Make a Pledge - Heart ButtonYour pledges make it possible for us to provide a variety of classroom enrichment programs and instruction, invest in classroom technology, and provide grants to our teachers & specialists to better support the day-to-day needs of our classrooms. To maintain all existing programs & funding for the school year, we must ask for $350 per student ... less than a week of summer camp for a school-year's worth of benefits!

If you have not pledged, please consider clicking the red "Make a Pledge" heart and supporting your child's school today!

Next Silver & Gold Pledge Raffle Drawing is FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 20!
One last drawing following this one... pledge today to qualify!


Reserved Parking Space - Bus Loop (1 winner)

Bring-a-Friend Limo Lunch (1 grade K-3 winner)

Bring-a-Friend Limo Lunch (3 grade 4-6 winners)

Apple Store Workshop Field Trip (3 grade K-3 winners)

Apple Store Workshop Field Trip (2 grade 4-6 winners)

Two (2) SJ Sharks Club Level Tickets (2019 Home Game - 1 winner)


Principal for a Day (1 winner)

$50 Fall Bookfair Credit (1 winner)

Kumon Reading: 1 month class, free registration (1 winner)

Four (4) BINGO Reserved Seats & Daubers (1 winner)

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All classes with 100% participation at any level receive a donut party!!
Top funds raised in both the lower (K-3) and upper (4-6) grades earns a pizza party!!

Top 3 Classrooms in the race to 100% Participation at any level so far...

Mrs. Neil's 6th Grade (79%)
Mrs. Yang's 2nd Grade (73%)
Richard's 3rd Grade (67%)

Top 3 Highest Amounts Raised for Lower and Upper Grade Classrooms to-date...

Mrs. Yang's 2nd Grade ($5650)
Mrs. Richard's 3rd Grade ($5475)
Mrs. Noteware's 1st Grade ($5250)

Mrs. Tibbens' 5th Grade ($9350)
Mrs. Neil's 6th Grade ($7100)
Ms. Giacomini's 5th Grade ($6674)

Class Participation %'s

Class Participation - Data

Pledge Totals By Class


  • Annual Pledge Drive information and how SOEP uses this money to benefit ALL SILVER OAK STUDENTS during the SCHOOL DAY... please CLICK HERE
  • Prizes and Incentives... please CLICK HERE
  • PLEDGE DRIVE online FORM... please CLICK HERE
  • Questions about Pledge Drive? Email:

* Silver Level Pledges qualify for the Silver Raffle only... Gold Pledges qualify for both Gold and Silver drawings. Entries carry forward to the future 2019 Pledge Drive raffle drawings if not selected. Prize eligibility is determined by pledge criteria being met as specified on pledge form.


Silver Oak Educational Partnership (SOEP) = Silver Oak Elementary PTO

SOEP is the original non-profit organization founded to serve Silver Oak Elementary School as an educational foundation. SOEP is registered to do business under the alias "Silver Oak Elementary PTO". We have found that companies that match their employee donations find it easier to approved corporate matching requests if they come from SOEP vs. PTO... therefore this is the reason we are now including SOEP in our messaging.

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