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Oct Project Cornerstone - The Invisible Boy
Posted 10/15/2020 09:00AM

Book Cover: The Invisible Boy

This month, your student will hear a book titled The Invisible Boy by Trudy Ludwig in class as part of the ABC program. Brian, the main character of this story, feels largely invisible to his teacher and class of noisy kids. He finds an outlet in his creative drawings and imagination until a new student, Justin, joins the class and they become friends. Eventually a third friend joins them, and Brian no longer feels invisible. He is a part of the class and they see him. Brian's drawings, done in ink and collage, are spot-on in representing the way children depict their imaginary world and their very real feelings.

Through this book, we hope to help students develop the ability to establish and maintain healthy and rewarding relationships with people different from themselves. It also encourages students to show empathy.

EMPATHY - The ability to understand what someone is feeling


  • Invite, include, and make everyone feel welcome
  • Behave and speak in an empathetic manner
  • Practice inclusive behaviors so every voice is heard

HOME ACTIVITIES - Support these lessons at home! Here are some ideas...

  • Empathize with your chlid by asking questions
    • What did you learn today that was interesting?
    • What was the hardest part of your day?
    • How would you like to spend a day if you could do anything?
    • Do you have a friend that you especially respect?
    • Why do you respect that person?
  • Make caring for others a priority and lead by example
    • Engage in community service with your child
    • Express interest in those from various backgrounds or those facing different types of challenges
    • Encourage your child to write messages of kindness in sidewalk chalk
    • Offer to pick up store items for an elder neighbor
    • Together with your child, make "thank you" posters or cards to put in the window or on the front door for the mail carrier or delivery person

Questions? Please contact PTO Parent Coordinator, Vidya Badami

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