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STEAM AND SEL After School Programs
Posted 10/15/2020 07:39AM

STEAM and SEL After School Programs For Whaley Elementary

Scratch Starter Games

Come code with us! Kids will learn to create three different starter games to learn the basics of coding. First kids will gain a foundational understanding of coding concepts like functions, variables, loops and conditionals, and then they will get to design and create their own original games!

Day: Wednesdays Time: 2pm-3pm
Start Date:10/21/2020 Sessions:5

Ages: 3rd-4th and 5th-6th
Price:Free (First come first serve basis registration)
Where: Online! Enroll Here:
3rd-4th grades: https://www.activityhero.com/biz/camp-edmo/scratch... m=schedule-widget&aht_src=3206&brand=1

5th-6th grades:

https://www.activityhero.com/biz/camp-edmo/scratch... m=schedule-widget&aht_src=3206&brand=1

Amazing Art

From oceans to deserts to jungles, the world contains some truly amazing creatures with even more amazing adaptations. Kids will take a deep dive into the world of animals as they explore their unique characteristics through art. Kids will learn about the diet, habitat, and adaptations of a different animal each session and create a wonderful work of art to celebrate each animal.

Day: Wednesdays and Thursdays
Time: 1pm-2pm (K-2nd) and 3pm-4pm (3rd-5th)
Start Date:10/21/2020
Ages: K-2nd (Wednesdays) and 3rd-5th (Thursdays)
Price:Free (First come first serve basis registration)
Where: Online! Enroll Here:
K-2nd grades: https://www.activityhero.com/biz/camp-edmo/amazing... e-widget&aht_src=3206&brand=1

3rd-5th grades:

https://www.activityhero.com/biz/camp-edmo/amazing... e-widget&aht_src=3206&brand=1


Let's start our Spanish learning adventure! Kids will learn about Spanish pronunciation. They will also learn basic vocabulary, the alphabet, greetings, nouns, adjective usage, numbers, basic grammar terms, how to form questions, diphthongs, and more! Everyone will learn to speak Spanish, as well as a lot and about the Spanish language too!

Day: Tuesdays
Time: 3pm-4pm
Start Date:10/20/2020
Ages: K-2nd
Price:Free (First come first serve basis registration)
Where: Online! Enroll Here: https://www.activityhero.com/biz/camp-edmo/spanish... le-widget&aht_src=3206&brand=1

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