2019 Pledge Drive Status

GOAL: $192,500

ACTUAL: $107,477

(Data as of 9/19/2019)

2019 Classroom Participation & Totals

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(Data as of 9/19/19)

Class Pledge Participation Graph


CLASSROOM TOTALSClassroom Pledge Drive Totals

Your Support Matters So Much

Wings, Heart, Annual Pledge Drive 2019

Silver Oak Educational Partnership (SOEP) is looking to fly high as we begin the school year! We believe that as a community, if we achieve our pledge participation goals, it will not only continue to fund the many classroom enrichment programs, community events, and overall support that SOEP provides for Silver Oak... it will also forge a powerful team of families committed to an elementary school experience for our children that is above and beyond what is otherwise possible.

As a public school... Silver Oak would not be able to provide the high standard of education that we want for our children without the financial support and program management of the SOEP. The state operating budget for Silver Oak does not make it possible to have the enriched curriculum and equipment that SOEP funds and supplements for our kids. Every family's participation in our annual pledge drive is needed and so very appreciated to continue Silver Oak's tradition of excellence in education.

Help us take to the skies for the 2019-2020 school year!

Contact soeptopledge@gmail.com with any questions!

Classroom Pledge Drive Incentives

100% Class Participation:
Donut Party!

Awarded to every class with 100% pledge participation at any level

Highest $ Contribution Total:
Pizza Party

Awarded to one class in Gr. K-3 and one in Gr. 4-6

Pledge Drive Class Champion
Photo of your class and an engraved class name plate will be displayed on the Pledge Class Champion plaque
Awarded to the class that accomplishes both 100% participation AND highest $ contribution... one in Gr. K-3 and one in Gr 4-6

6th Grade Pledge Drive Challenge

Photo Booth
Reach a combined participation percentage of
and win a 2-hour photo booth rental
for use during a 6th grade promotion event!


(as of 9/19/19)

Annual SOEP Pledge Drive

Why Do We Need $350 per Student?

Pledge money is spent on your child(ren) & their education at Silver Oak

2019-2020 Projected Per-Student Spend of Pledge Funds

Apple with coin

$128 - STEAM / STEM

$ 84 - Classroom Music & Art

$ 72 - Classroom Grants

$ 30 - School Support Grants

$ 21 - Technology Investments

$ 10 - Community Enrichment

$ 6 - Language Arts & Reading

$351 per-student

Parents and families are at the ❤️ of why and how Silver Oak is able offer the enriched educational experience we do for all students at all grade-levels. The means by which we have school-day fine arts and LAR programs, iPads and Chrome Books to meet classroom needs, a fully stocked and operational STEAM Lab, free community events and programs, and support grants for classrooms and school use is via your per-student donations each fall.

For less than a week of summer day-camp... you can fund your child's enriched education for the whole school year at Silver Oak!

$440/week - 2019 Enrollment for a popular local day camp

$900 & up/month - 2019-20 Tuition for a Mon-Fri preschool

Silver Oak Educational Partnership (dba: Silver Oak PTO) is asking for a ONE-TIME 2019-20 contribution of $350 PER STUDENT to fund the classroom programs, grants and support that we have contracted and budgeted for this school year. If you have the desire to gift a higher amount and we surpass our per-student goal, we have reach goals and projects that we could attempt to address to improve our school and increase classroom support.

If your employer has an employee charitable giving match program... please submit your donation via your company's procedure to enable your company to double (and in some cases triple) your personal giving to Silver Oak... contact soeptopledge@gmail.com if you have any questions about this possible Corporate Matching.

Click the "Make a Pledge" heart button below to pledge your support!

Make a Pledge Heart

Thank you to all that have participated in the Pledge Drive to-date.

If you are planning to participate, please pledge your support today! The PLEDGE FORM is currently live and ready to accept your contribution. Together, we can make another year of technologically current and enriched education possible at Silver Oak School!

Thank you in advance for your support!

Pledge Prizes

Click the Prize Button below to view our fantastic pledge incentives!

PRIZES button

Flying High!

Blue Wings - SOEP, Help your child spread their wings

SOEP/PTO Pledge Drive Goal
Fall 2019

Goal: 90%
(550 Students)

Goal: $350/student

WHY Should I Pledge?

  • SOEP spending is prioritized to go directly into the classrooms and benefits all students.
  • SOEP invests over $350 per child for all students at Silver Oak throughout the year in the way of classroom enrichment programs, materials, technology, and our S.T.E.A.M. Lab operation.
  • SOEP pledge dollars raised are spent during the CURRENT SCHOOL YEAR. We commit to programs and instructors in advance, and work to raise the needed funds each fall. Should we come up short, immediate adjustments would need to be made.
  • FRINGE BENEFITS: Your child could qualify to receive various prizes and incentives according their pledge level. These prizes can include field trips, gift cards, game tickets, memorabilia... and much more! Prizes List Coming Soon!

How Can I Pledge?

Families can pledge for single or multiple Silver Oak students at once. There are two ways you can submit your pledge:

  • ONLINE PLEDGE: Your pledge information and payment may be submitted online. Please *CLICK HERE* to visit now.
  • PAPER PLEDGE FORM: Forms will be sent home via your child's classroom. Completed forms and payments may be submitted to your child's teacher, or deposited in the PTO mailbox in the office. (if pledging for multiple children, just submit the form to one teacher). Please make checks payable to "SOEP" (= Silver Oak Educational Partnership)

What Are the Different Pledge Levels?


    • $500+ - GOLD
    • $350 - 499 - SILVER
    • $100 - 349 - BRONZE
    • $25 - 99 - MEMBER

We encourage all families to pledge $350 per student to allow us to meet our current program and materials investments. If you are able to pledge a higher amount than $350, it allows SOEP to explore other ways to invest in our classrooms and better support the needs of our teachers.

Extracurricular programs are organized by SOEP/PTO, but they are NOT FUNDED by pledge dollars. Programs such as after school band, choir, Math Olympiad, Math Kangaroo, and theater are self-funding programs that are paid for by registration fees.

We strongly believe that your investment in the SOEP is a good one... it directly benefits every child at Silver Oak, and continues to make our school an extraordinary learning environment. Thank you for your support.

Make a Pledge Heart

Contact Info

Have questions about the Fall Pledge Drive?

Contact the SOEP Pledge Team at soeptopledge@gmail.com

Pledge Team:

Marketing & Incentives
Geraldine Leggio

Data Management
Taline Yerganian

Corporate Matching Program
Indu Sattiraju
Ramya Kumarasamy

Does Your Company Match Your Donations?

Corporate matching programs are a wonderful way to double your donation at no additional expense to you! Many employers will match your pledge drive contribution if you follow their program guidelines.

Visit our new CORPORATE MATCHING web page to learn more.

Contact our Corporate Matching Coordinator, Ramya Kumarasamy, at soeptopledge@gmail.com with any questions your might have.

Thank you for your support!

Pledge Drive Raffle Drawings

September 6th

September 20th

October 11th


Pledge Raffle Winners


Name the Bus Loop
JAXAN H. (Yang)

Bring-a-Friend Limo Lunch
ETHAN D. (Yang)

Apple Store Workshop Field Trip
HANNAH S. (Fong)
CLAIRE B. (Tibbens)


Kumon Math: 1 month, free registration

$50 Fall Book Fair Credit

Two (2) Upper Grade Play Front Row Seats

S.O.E.P. Thanks You For Your Support!

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