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Preparing for a Power Outage
Posted 08/17/2020 05:25PM

Dear Evergreen Staff, Students, and Parents/Guardians:

Thank you to our Evergreen teachers and support staff who put so much time and effort into the reopening of our schools. As mentioned previously, Distance Learning has its challenges and we are anticipating that there will be more to come. As we know, all school districts throughout Santa Clara County are beginning their school year in Distance Learning mode, which will undoubtedly burden our community's bandwidth capacity. Students from across our area will be competing for a finite amount of bandwidth from the internet service providers. In addition, there is a likelihood that we may see power outages in response to the heatwave we are experiencing.

I ask that if Evergreen students lose internet connection for any reason, they should communicate with their teacher and do the best they can to get logged back into class. We appreciate everyone's perseverance through this most challenging time of Distance Learning.

Because some district communication resources are reliant on our local power supply, email, text, and phone alerts may not be an option. Please visit the district website and social media pages - We will be posting on the following platforms if a power shut-off does occur. For Facebook and Twitter, you do not need an account to view updates.

What to do before the power goes out:

  • Make sure phones, hotspots and Chromebooks are fully charged.
  • Prepare an emergency supply kit with flashlights, first aid supplies, food, water and cash.
  • Create a safety plan for all members of your family, including pets- Visit the PG&E Safety Action Center at for tips on how to build an emergency plan.

What to do after the power goes off:

  • Unplug or turn off appliances, equipment and electronics to avoid damage caused by surges when the power is restored.
  • Leave a single lamp on to alert you when the power returns. Then, turn your appliances on, one at a time.
  • Be sure to use generators, camp stoves or charcoal grills outdoors only. Do not use a gas stove for heat.
  • For food safety tips, the U.S. Dept. of Health & Human Services has a detailed list at their site: Food Safety During A Power Outage - click here

For the latest information regarding power outages in your area, go to to PG&E Outage Map by clicking here


Dr. Emy Flores


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