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Four Schools Not Being Considered for Closure
Posted 12/21/2019 11:40AM

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Evergreen School District
School Consolidation
December 19, 2019
Community Information Meeting Summary

At the December 19, 2019 School Consolidation Community Information meeting, Superintendent Dr. Emy Flores provided an overview of the school consolidation process, the reasons for the school closures, and answered participants' questions.

During the meeting, Dr. Flores emphasized the following key data points:

  • Consolidation of schools is one of many approaches the district is taking as part of its fiscal stabilization plan to close a $12 million deficit;
  • The district is projected to lose approximately 1,500 students over the next five years, primarily due to the high cost of living, including housing, in the Bay Area. This is a trend that is occurring throughout the Bay Area, and other districts are also consolidating schools; and
  • Statistics on school choice outside of ESD:
    • Private Schools: We have found that about 10% of the families that leftour district during the past year are choosing to enroll their children in private schools, a decision that families often make based on religious beliefs and values, and not because of perceptions about the quality of education offered
      by Evergreen School District.
    • Charter Schools: We have also found that about 10% of the families that left our district during the past year went to charter schools. Unlike other areas around us, there are no charter schools in Evergreen. The truth is that in general, our families are very pleased with the high quality of education in Evergreen and overall chose to stay here.

At this meeting, Dr. Flores also announced that four schools will not be included for consideration for closure due to factors that would create additional expenses that would outweigh the benefits of closing the schools:

Middle Schools - Chaboya, LeyVa, and Quimby Oak:
Closing these middle schools would be considered too disruptive, as there are many elementary schools that feed into each middle school. If we closed any middle school, we would have to incur a high cost of transporting students to the two remaining middle schools. The amount of transportation (busing) that would need to be added if a middle school were closed would also create a need for bus drivers that cannot be filled due to a shortage of bus drivers (which is also a statewide problem).

Schools with Dual Language Immersion programs - Holly Oak: Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten restroom spaces were required to be constructed at the Holly Oak Elementary School, which houses these programs. Making these facilities improvements at another school is a $500,000 additional expense.

Participants' questions included (these will also be added to the Frequently Asked Questions page):

Will boundaries be changed? The district will be revising school boundaries of impacted schools as part of this process which will be presented to the Board of Trustees when making their decision. Revising boundaries is necessary given that students at schools being closed will have to attend another school.

What impacts will school closures have on programs, including PTA-funded
The principals of the schools that will be closed will work with the principals and PTAs of the accepting schools on how programs will move or change at the new schools, including program equipment and supplies.

What is the timeline and when will the key decisions be made? Dr. Flores provided an overview of the School Consolidation timeline. Will the superintendent make a final recommendation to close schools that differ from those recommended by the Superintendent's School Consolidation Advisory Committee? The superintendent is working closely with the School Consolidation Advisory Committee, and will be supporting their recommendation of which schools to close.

Where can I find the data that is being reviewed by the Superintendent's School
Consolidation Advisory Committee?
This information can be found on the Superintendent's School Consolidation Advisory Committee webpage.

Will teachers at schools being closed be given priority for selecting open
positions at other schools?
The Human Resources sub-committee (includes CSEA and ETA bargaining units representation, principals, and HR director) is looking into this
and the contractual language for each bargaining unit, and will also be looking at other
factors, such as retirements and non-renewal of contracts.

Will co-principals occur at school sites, or what will happen with principals of sites that are closed? The district will be moving away from the co-principal model at the elementary schools as part of addressing the district's $12 million deficit.

Will families of schools being closed have priority with school choice? The district will look at each school choice application on a case by case basis. Also, the district cannot provide transportation for students attending a school outside of their attendance area for school choice.

Which students are transported by bus? Transportation services are provided to students with special needs as well as students whose assigned school of attendance is a larger distance away from where they live.

What will happen with the district's Corporation Yard? This facility houses the buses, along with maintenance and other equipment, so the Corporation Yard will remain as one of the district's facilities.

What will the district do with the land/facilities of closed school sites? Once the schools are identified and approved by the Board of Trustees for closure, then the Board will appoint a 7-11 committee to identify the ways that the closed facilities will be used, which could include leasing the property. However, the district will not be selling the property.

How will the district use schools that will be closed? When will the district decide what to do with empty schools. Moving forward, how can this decision be made more quickly? A previous Facilities Advisory Committee—as a 7-11 committee—made recommendations for schools to close and how the properties will be used. If those same schools are approved for closure, then the approved uses of those properties will move forward. However, if different schools are approved for closure, then a new 7-11 committee will be appointed to determine how the facilities and properties of those closed schools will be used. The exact use of empty schools will be determined
at a later time.

Will additional grade levels/classes be added to schools accepting students from
closed schools?
Student to teacher ratios will be maintained, how schools may be split
up to different schools may impact which grades/classrooms will be at the accepting

When the school closures are announced in January, will parents and staff also
be informed which schools the students will be moved to?
Yes, this information
will also be provided.

How will school communities be brought together and transitioned? Kim Kianidehkian, Director, Educational Services is the co-facilitator of the Superintendent's School Consolidation Advisory Committee, and has prior experience with school closures, including leading the school transitions, including shadow days, school tours, open houses, parent opportunities to see school activities, carnivals, and worked closely with the PTAs on events to welcome the students and celebrate the merging of the schools. She also worked with the schools on closing events, to help students, families and staff to transition to the next step, so that on the first day of school the
following school year, everyone felt comfortable and excited about going to their new school. This helped to create an environment of inclusiveness of all students and a stronger school community. The district will be seeking parent volunteers to assist with this process.

Pushing off the naming of the third school would create another wave of transition, could the board consider approving the third school (to close at the end of 2020-21) at the same time it is considering the other two? The consideration of multiple transitions for students and staff is important. The Board of Trustees asked for two schools to recommend for closure, but if the process leads the committee to recommend three, then the Superintendent may determine to recommend all three schools for closure at the February 20 board meeting.

The next Community Information Meeting is scheduled on January 16, 2020 at 6 p.m. in the Quimby Oak Gym (3190 Quimby Rd., San Jose), and the next Superintendent's School Consolidation Advisory Committee Meeting is scheduled on January 8, 2020. The Community Input Session for this meeting is scheduled from 4-4:30 p.m. in the ESD Board Room (Educational Services Bldg.), 3188 Quimby Rd., San Jose. Questions and additional feedback and input can be sent to

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