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Support Resources for Parents: Routine vs. Schedule
Posted 03/23/2020 04:22PM
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Setting up a Routine

How did you organize your days in February? For many of us, school schedules and work schedules determined how we spent our time. Now we may not have that structure to guide us and it is easy for the days to fly by. Although school and work may look different now, it is still helpful to have a rhythm to each day to make sure you're finishing the things that are important to you. Here are some ideas:

  1. Think about the three most important things you want to do each day, for example, complete one school lesson, make one healthy meal, complete one household task. When will those things take place? They can be your signposts.
  2. Now think about the five or six things that are less important. Where do they fit around the three most important things?
  3. Consider some timing. This may be a hard time to have a strict schedule. If you're involved in a project and you're feeling really creative, it's OK to keep working on that project. Think instead of the rhythm of your day. The signposts can guide you.
  4. Now think about the time of day that is the hardest for you. For many of us, that's in the evening when everyone is tired and hungry. What are the things you can move from that time of day to a different time? Perhaps you could do some preparation for dinner in the morning right after breakfast?
  5. Finally, think about ways you can take care of yourself. What can you do in 10 minutes that can leave you feeling refreshed and ready to head back into your goals?

Sample Routine Chart

*An example of a chart that you and your family could make, and hang in the kitchen or room at home!

Scheduling or Routines?

When thinking about having an importance of having a schedule or routine at home for your family, it is of the greatest importance! The school schedule is what many of us work around and how we plan the rest of the day.

Schedules are great, but often give a specific amount of time to something. Try creating a routine with a checklist to allow the flexibility of time throughout the day, without forgetting about the other things that can be accomplished for the day!

Basing a Routine around Goal Setting

Another way of approaching this using this google document to help shape core things in your student's day. Please have your student copy the document into their own Google Drive. Give it a try!


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