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ARCADIA NeighborHood Construction update
Posted 04/05/2019 12:00PM

ARCADIA NeighborHood Construction update

Principal's message

Last Wednesday we hosted a packed community meeting with Mayor Licardo and District 8 Councilmember Arenas. One of the main agenda items was to share the progress on the Arcadia development. That's the construction taking place between LeyVa Middle School and Eastridge Mall. For those who could not make it, here is what was shared.

The development has three parts: new ball fields, housing, and retail space.

BALL FIELDS One of the key features are new ball fields that will be managed by the San Jose Parks Service:

  • Four natural turf, adult-size baseball fields with night lighting, bleachers, electronic scoreboards, a concession office, 240 parking spaces, picnic tables and landscaping.
  • The project is currently 82% done and is planned to open in August 2019

RETAIL In the plans are more retails shops in the development closer to Capitol Expressway.

  • The anchor retail is likely a Costco Business store. The Arcadia has updated their permit. They hope to open sometime in 2020.
  • Murals will be painted on the backside of the sound walls that will be funded by the Arcadia Development.

HOUSING The housing is being is being done by Asana.

  • Asana Development will hold a total of 250 townhomes at the end of completion. They are expected to sell between 1.1 and 1.4 million dollars.
  • Residents will be moving in starting in May and an open house is planned for April 13th.
  • There is a planned residential street connection from Brahms Ave. into the development that will also have pedestrian access.
  • There is a planned path and bikeway that connects from the Brahms Ave. extension into Meadowfair Park and the Leyva Neighborhood, connecting the greater Meadowfair area to both the park and development
  • A small residential park owned and maintained by the Homeowners Assoc. will also be open for general public use.
  • The path will not open until the entire project is completed - fall of 2020.

Along with the development, Meadowfair Park is going to be expanded. The area adjacent the park around the creek will become Meadowfair park. Councilmember Arenas plans on holding visioning community meetings to activate the park and make it a great place for the Meadofair/Brahms/LeyVa Neighborhoods.

During the meeting a concern was shared about the pathway's delayed opening. For LeyVa students, it's a challenge to access Meadowfair. Because of liability, the developers will not open the bike and pedestrian path and access via Brahms Avenue until everything is completed (2020). Both the Mayor and Councilmember expressed disappointment in the timeline and are working to get that timeline shortened.

It was nice to see some many residents and parents at the meeting sharing concerns and connecting with one another. I will continue to offer LeyVa as a meeting place for community meetings. Hope you can make it next time.

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