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Come Late, Stay Late Policy Helping Improve Attendance
Posted 03/29/2019 10:00AM

Come Late, Stay Late Policy Helping Improve Attendance

Principal's message

At the start of March, we implemented a new policy to reduce tardies. Too many students were coming in after the day started causing them to miss morning announcements, instruction time, and social interactions with friends before school.

POLICY It's a simple policy. If a students comes to school late, they stay late in the Students Center after school. Unlike a traditional detention, we have the student reflect on what caused the tardy and think of a plan to fix it in the future. For most students, it's a simple fix such as set an alarm, lay out clothes the night before, leave the house a few minutes earlier, go to bed earlier, etc. For some more serious cases, it's been a chance to identify family supports or other services.

THE DATA For the last two weeks, we've been monitoring the data closely and have seen some positive improvement trends:

  • Overall tardies have reduced from 13.76% of students to 11.99%
  • From Monday to Friday, tardies cut in half this week. Overall tardies reduced as the week progressed.

  • The number of students with a single tardy in the week has declined by 11%.

OTHER SUPPORTS The trends for students with a single tardy have improved (tier 1). However, for students with more than one tardy, the consequence and reflection has not been enough. These chronic tardies will be addressed with the next level of support (tier 2) with strategies like parent meetings, attendance contracts, social worker referrals, or School Attendance Review Board (SARB) referrals. The goal is support good attendance with a "whatever it takes" approach.

Missing school directly correlates to performing below grade level. And, being on time is also an important career and life expectation. We want our LeyVa bulldogs to thrive in school and life.

I will continue to share the data. And thank you to everyone who gets your child to school on time each day. I have two school-aged children myself. I know that it takes a family effort. Thanks for helping make LeyVa a great school.

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