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Wanted! Wanted! Box Tops!
Posted 08/26/2018 08:00PM

Hello Silver Oak Elementary Parents.

I'm our Box Top Coordinator. Last year we missed our goal by $300 (or 3000 box top)! Our goal once again is to raise $1500 (15,000 box tops). Box tops are great for schools as our school receives 10 cents for each qualified box top. Each box top must show it's expiration date and not be expired, and there is a 4 letter code on the top right-hand corner that must be seen.

Costco has a number of great deals to earn extra box tops right now. Zip -Lock multipacks have 8 box tops on them, Kleenex has 15 box tops on them, and check out the cereal boxes too.

You can even download the Box top app and earn extra box tops. Walmart has a special where if you buy 5 items with box tops, you can earn 50 extra box tops, that's $5.00! Plus, there are still actually box tops on the boxes you can cut out and turn in.

Each classroom has a box top collection bin and I will stop by at the end of each month to empty it out. Some months will have special prizes, and at the end of the year, one classroom will win a pizza party for having the most box tops turned in during the whole year.

This year, we're participating in the National Box top week, September 17-23 and hope you can help your community school by turning in box tops. Check out our school's progress here. Our school code is # 223163.

Also in September, the class with the most box tops will win a popsicle party. Clip and bring in as many box tops as you can so your class can with this fun prize! Once again, box tops should be unexpired and the letter code on the top left corner must be visible.

Thanks in advance for all your support! Feel free to reach out to me with any questions.

-Dawn Hofmeister

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