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Letter from PTSA President Sabina Nat
Posted 06/12/2018 03:03PM

Dear Chaboya Parents, Staff and Students,

As the 2017-18 school year comes to a close, I would like to take a moment and thank you for supporting the Chaboya PTSA. Your support through our Chaboya Challenge Pledge Drive, the online Auction and The Color Run enriched the lives of your children this year and I want to highlight some of the programs that you helped finance.

  • Sports and Clubs: In 2017-18, we spent 32% of our funding on activities that facilitate a well-rounded middle school experience through Clubs and Sports.
  • We were able to fund coaches, officials and some transportation required to support our students' efforts throughout the school year for sports including our top ranked Soccer, Basketball, Softball, Track & Field, Wrestling teams and our Championship Cross Country and Volleyball teams.
  • The PTSA funded many Afterschool Clubs including Dance Club, Polynesian Club, Bike Club, Web Design, Glee Club and Geography Bee, encouraging our kids to try new things and engage with their world a bit more deeply.
  • Classroom Instructional Material: We allocated about 14% of our budget in 2017-18 on Classroom Instructional Material. We provided enhanced materials for the Physical Education Department and provided Teacher Grants to the 10 Elective Departments to enable each teacher to obtain the specific materials they require to effectively educate our kids.
    We were able to fund the replacement of outdated and unsafe wrestling mats and purchase new heart rate monitors for the P.E. department.
  • Technology: In 2017-18, approximately 34% of the PTSA budget was spent on items to improve the technology available for students to use. As a result of your generous support, the PTSA financed two (2) new Chromebook carts this year. These additional computers will speed testing and help familiarize our kids with the programs and applications that they will use in the future.
  • Student Enrichment: This past year, we allocated about 7% of our budget to activities designed to enrich the middle school experience for all children. These activities included assemblies, dances, the school newspaper and yearbook. In addition, we funded the PTSA Reflections Program, Math Olympiad and the Spelling Bee.

Thank you so much for your financial support! We could never have done this without your incredible commitment to furthering education at Chaboya through our yearly Pledge drive and other fundraising efforts.

On behalf of the Chaboya PTSA Board, I wish you a relaxing and stimulating summer. Best of luck to those students continuing on to high school and we'll see the rest of you next fall!

Sincerely yours,

Sabina Nat
Chaboya PTSA President, 2017-18

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