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African Library Project Donation Drive
Posted 04/19/2018 10:21AM

Dear Silver Oak,

This is Saurish Srivastava, a Silver Oak alumnus, Class of 2017. I am collecting books for unfortunate children living in Africa, without basic necessities. To reach the goal, and help many children, I will need your help.

Recently, it occurred to me that we are living in Silicon Valley with all the privileges and advantages, such as libraries, education, and books being easily accessible. I had the opportunity to read and learn how kids live in other countries. What I learned struck me. I found it hard to believe that much of Africa does not have books, but with extensive research, I found out it was true. Since books are fundamental to the development of a child's brain, I decided to help these eager children. I affiliated with a local non-profit organization, Project enVision, and African Library Project, and together we decided to raise books and create a library in Africa.
Our goal: 1,000+ lightly used books (preschool to sixth), $650 (shipping)
Start Date: 23rd April
End Date: 11th June

There will be many drops off locations, but the closest will definitely be the box that will set up in Silver Oak's office. You can drop the book off in the box and it will be collected weekly.

Many books are just kept to the side, but these items that we keep to the side can be precious for kids living in Africa.
Let's make a difference together. Thank you.

Please click the link below to know what types of books I am looking for and to donate.


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