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COVID-19 Positivity Rates and Masking

COVID-19 Dashboard Colored Scorecard

The Evergreen Safety Team has developed an adaptive plan for monitoring cases and allowing for adjustments to mask requirements. The district and each school site will have a COVID Dashboard on their website that will include asymptomatic, surveillance testing rates, historic data tracking the number of cases since January, and a current COVID positive rate.  

COVID-19 positivity rates for each school will be displayed in one of three background colors:

Green= Cases are below 1 percent. Masks are strongly recommended but not required indoors.

Yellow = Cases are between 1-2 percent. Please exercise increased caution.

  • When cases rise from green to yellow, masks are strongly recommended indoors.

  • When cases decline from red to yellow, masks are required indoors until case rates return to the green zone.

Red = Cases are above 2 percent. Masks are required indoors.

Masking guidance will be communicated by your school site weekly. Positivity rates are calculated over a 7-day period for students and staff from each school site for the week noted at the top of the scorecards. Regardless of positive rate, masks are always strongly recommended, and we will support everyone’s personal choice to wear a mask or remove it when cases are low. The Safety Team will monitor these metrics and continue to adjust our Prevention Plan accordingly. Here are the scenarios that would REQUIRE indoor masking:

  1. When a school's COVID positive rate climbs above 2.0%. If this happens, your school site will communicate this with you via Parent Square.
  2. When 3 or more related cases occur in a single classroom or period, indoor masks must be worn in that classroom during the quarantine period.
  3. Anyone who is asymptomatic, COVID positive and returning to school after 5 days must show a negative antigen (rapid) result and must mask for the duration of the 10 day isolation.
  4. Anyone who is unvaccinated and a close contact outside of school (in or out of your household) will be REQUIRED to wear a mask for the duration of the quarantine.

The COVID Prevention Plan further defines each of these scenarios and also includes changes to the after school and social gathering guidance (starting March 28).

We appreciate the work of our Safety Team and the input from staff, community, and school board regarding these changes. The Safety Team will continue to monitor surveillance testing and COVID positive rates, as well as state and county guidelines.