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About the COVID-19 Dashboard


Understanding ESD and School COVID-19 Dashboard Charts

Positive Cases Last 7 Days (Line Chart) displays rolling data for the past seven days. Data is updated nightly. Each point on the line chart corresponds to the day the positive test occurred.

Total Positive COVID-19 Cases is the number of total cases for the weekly date range displayed.

Positivity Rate is calculated from the total positive cases for the weekly date range indicated.

Weekly COVID-19 Chart shows all confirmed COVID-19 incidents at our schools sites and offices since data has been collected. The chart shows weekly data for staff and students.

Student Surveillance Participation (Pool Testing) - Schools conduct tests weekly and results are updated at the end of each week. The meter shows the percentage of school population that participate in this weekly test.

Positivity Rates

School Positivity Rate is calculated from the total number of reported student and staff cases for the weekly date range indicated. Data is updated nightly. COVID-19 positivity rates for each school are displayed in one of three background colors:

Green= Cases are below 1 percent. Masks are strongly recommended but not required indoors.

Yellow = Cases are between 1-2 percent. Please exercise increased caution.

  • When cases rise from green to yellow, masks are strongly recommended indoors.

  • When cases decline from red to yellow, masks are required indoors until case rates return to the green zone.

Red = Cases are above 2 percent. Masks are required indoors.

COVID-19 Dashboard Colored Scorecard