Air Quality Protocols

  • When the AQI levels reach 151- 500, "Unhealthy," "Very Unhealthy," or "Hazardous," we will hold all physical activities inside for all children, including recess, P.E., and lunch.
  • School will try to maximize distance between students while eating indoors
  • Under what circumstances would EESD schools be closed due to poor air quality?

    The Santa Clara County Office of Education and the Bay Area Air Quality Management District(BAAQMD) are clear that there exists no established number that would indicate the need to close schools. Our school district will rely on the direction of SCCOE and BAAQMD to determine the need for school closure. Should these two organizations recommend closure, EESD will consider closing schools. EESD believes students are safer supervised at school than a potentially unsupervised situation at home. EESD will not rely on the closure of other area school districts, even those closest to ours, to determine the need to close schools.

Document date: August 27, 2021