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CAASPP Online Testing

Last Updated: 10:00am 6/5/2018


Quick Links:

Preparing Devices for Testing:

Please click on the device below for step by step install guides and other helpful tips:

MacBook and iMacs iPads Chromebooks
MacBook Laptop Computer
iPad Tablet
Chromebook Laptop Computer


The best form of contact during the Testing Window is E-Mail for non urgent matters.

If you need to call directly, please call Gina at 6932

General FAQs:

  • As a teacher, I am not able to log into the TOM/CAASPP system
    • We have noticied three possible causes to this:
      • Check to be sure you are using the CAASPP version of the website to login in
      • If you receive a wrong username/password error and are at the right website, try using the password reset option.
      • If you are still not able to log in, please contact Gina to get the account reset
  • Why is the volume is too low?
    • There are two places to check, one in the settings of the device which may have to be adjusted before start the Test, and second are the nobs on the headphones themselves.
  • After launching the test on an iPad, I am told Guided Access is not enabled.
    • ASAM is the new method of locking the devices. Please contact Ginny to check on why your devices are not locking in automatically.
    • Alternatively, you can follow the steps in Testing Tips for iPads to enable Guided Access.
  • The screen is too dim on a Chromebook.
    • Click repeatedly on the fifth button (image of a large gear) from the top right of the keyboard.
  • I am getting just a spinning wheel like the device is thinking but nothing is working.
    • This will happen from time to time on any of the devices (Macs, iPads, Chromebooks). When this happens, you will have to exit out of the test and launch the test again. The student's progress is not lost.
  • iPad screen turns “white” or locks up:
    • This is caused by the students using the 'Tab' key on the keyboard. Please have them avoid using the 'Tab' key
    1. Do a complete refresh of the device by holding down both the HOME button and ON/OFF button until the Apple appears on the screen.
    2. Once the screen refreshes, launch the AIRSecureTest app again and have the student sign in again.
    3. Once the teacher approves the student again, the student will be returned to the test problem they were on.
  • iPad screen has the message: “No Internet Connection, please check your network settings and try again.”
    1. Give the student another iPad and have them sign in.
    2. Once the teacher approves the student again, the student will be returned to the test problem they were on.
    3. After all students have completed the test, and the teacher signs out of the test, the iPad with the network message will be able to be reset.
  • On a Mac, the Secure Browser will not quit even after completing a test
    1. If this happens, you will need to select "option", "command" and "esc" keys to force quit out of the Secure Browser

Macs and iMacs:


  • iPads with iOS 8 or higher: Using the [Tab] key to navigate or format text in an online summative assessment logs the student off his or her testing session. Please advise your students to use a touch gesture instead of the [Tab] key in the secure browser to move between test elements and to press the [Spacebar] to indent paragraphs in written responses. They must not press the [Tab] key at all.
  • NEW THIS YEAR: ASAM - Autonomous Single Apple Mode
    • We no longer have to used Guided Access for testing this year with iPads.
    • We have put all supervised student iPads into Autonomous Single App Mode (ASAM).
    • ASAM locks the students into the testing app once the students have signed into a test and the teacher approves the student.
    • Once the test is finished or paused, the iPad will be automatically release from the app.