Strategic Plan

Our strategic plan, which is updated every three years, is a critical tool in guiding our district’s mission, vision, and strategic direction, unifying efforts across our organization. The 3 Year Strategic Plan below describes the Twelve Month Goals and gives the status of each goal. They are updated continuously and presented to the Board of Trustees.

Evergreen School District 3 Year Strategic Plan

Approved at the October 20, 2019 Board of Trustees Regular Meeting.

Mission Statement


Evergreen Elementary School District provides all students a high quality education in a safe and nurturing environment where each student demonstrates a spirit of respect, responsibility, global-mindedness and a commitment to academic and civic excellence.

Vision Statement


Evergreen Elementary School District, in partnership with the community, will be a place where teachers, staff and students are partners in developing each student’s unique potential.

Goal 1: Student Success


Every student receives a high quality education that is grounded in high expectations, and is personalized to meet his or her learning needs. Teachers, administration and support staff work together to maximize student learning and achievement.

Goal 2: Culture, Climate and Safety


PROVIDE FOR A SAFE, RESPECTFUL, AND WELCOMING SCHOOL ENVIRONMENT: Staff and students thrive in positive learning and work environments where they feel safe, supported, and celebrated. The safety of our students and staff are a top priority and we will ensure that we have a comprehensive safety plan in place at each school site and district facility.

Goal 3: High Quality Workforce


Employees are at the heart of our students’ success, and we will attract, support, and retain a high quality workforce.

Goal 4: Attract and Retain Students


PROVIDE ACCESS TO MULTIPLE LEARNING PROGRAMS AND OPPORTUNITIES TO STUDENTS: We will expand learning opportunities and educational programs for all students, ensuring that ESD not only provides a quality education, but also offers engaging programs students can participate and engage in.

Goal 5: Fiscal Sustainability


ENSURE THE LONG TERM ECONOMIC HEALTH OF THE EVERGREEN SCHOOL DISTRICT: We will conduct a fiscal analysis and make fiscal sustainability recommendations to the Board. We will also will seek revenue-making opportunities and increase financial resources.