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Instruction > Board Policy 6179 - Supplemental Instruction

The Board of Trustees recognizes that high-quality supplemental instructional programs can motivate and support students to attain grade-level academic standards, overcome academic deficiencies, and/or acquire critical skills. The district shall offer programs of direct, systematic, and intensive supplemental instruction to meet student needs.

Supplemental instruction may be offered outside the regular school day, including during the summer, before school, after school, on Saturday, and/or during intersessions. It may also be provided during the regular school day provided it does not supplant the student's instruction in the core curriculum areas or physical education.

Supplemental instruction shall be offered to:

  1. Eligible students from low-income families whenever the district or a district school receiving federal Title I funds has been identified by the California Department of Education for program improvement for two or more consecutive years (20 USC 6316)

  2. Students who have been recommended for retention at their current grade level or are at risk of retention (Education Code 48070.5)

  3. Students in grades 7-12 who do not demonstrate "sufficient progress" toward passing the state exit examination required for high school graduation (Education Code 60851)

    "Sufficient progress" shall be determined based on a student's grades and on a student’s results on state assessments administered pursuant to Education Code 60640-60649 and the minimum levels of proficiency recommended by the State Board of Education.

    The curriculum of the supplemental instructional program shall reflect state academic content standards to the extent that the district curriculum is aligned with those state standards, and shall be designed to assist students to succeed on the exit exam. (Education Code 60851)

In addition, contingent on the district budget and local control and accountability plan (LCAP), supplemental instruction may be offered to students who:

  1. Based on state assessment results, grades, or other indicators, demonstrate academic deficiencies in core curriculum areas that may jeopardize their attainment of academic standards

  2. Are in targeted student groups identified in the district's LCAP as needing increased or improved services to succeed in the educational program

As appropriate, supplemental instruction may be provided through a classroom setting, individual or small group instruction, technology-based instruction, and/or an arrangement with a community or other external service provider.

When determined to be necessary by the principal or designee, a student may be required to participate in a supplemental instruction. In such cases, written parent/guardian consent shall be obtained for the student's participation.


Adopted: November 13, 2014
Evergreen School District, San Jose, California