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Instruction > Board Policy 6177 - Summer Learning Programs

The Board of Trustees recognizes that an extended break from the instructional program may result in significant learning loss, especially among disadvantaged and low-achieving students, and desires to provide opportunities during the summer for students to practice essential skills and make academic progress.

Summer programs offered by the district shall be aligned with the district's local control and accountability plan (LCAP), other applicable district and school plans, and the educational program provided during the school year. When feasible, summer programs shall blend high-quality academic instruction in core curricular and/or elective subjects with recreation, nutrition programs, social and emotional development, and support services that encourage attendance, student engagement in learning, and student wellness.

Summer School

The Superintendent or designee, with Board approval, may establish summer school day and/or evening classes.

The district's summer school program may be used to provide supplemental instruction to students needing remediation and/or enrichment in core academic subjects.

As appropriate, priority for enrollment in summer school programs shall be given to district students who:

  1. Have not made sufficient progress toward passing the state exit examination required for high school graduation

  2. Have been retained or are at risk of being retained at their grade level

  3. Demonstrate academic deficiencies in core curriculum areas

  4. Are in targeted student groups identified in the district's LCAP as needing increased or improved services to succeed in the educational program

Sites for summer school programs may be rotated in an effort to make summer school programs more accessible to all students, regardless of residence or regular attendance area, and to accommodate the maintenance needs of district schools.

Additional Summer Learning Opportunities

The Superintendent or designee may collaborate with parents/guardians, city and county agencies, community organizations, child care providers, and/or other interested persons to develop, implement, and build awareness of organized activities that support summer learning.


Adopted: November 13, 2014
Evergreen School District, San Jose, California