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Instruction > Board Policy 6172 - Gifted and Talented Education (GATE)

Cautionary Notice: As added and amended by SBX3 4 (Ch. 12, Third Extraordinary Session, Statutes of 2009), ABX4 2 (Ch. 2, Fourth Extraordinary Session, Statues of 2009), and SB 70 (Ch. 7, Statutes of 2011), Education Code 42605 grants districts flexibility in “Tier 3” categorical programs and provides that districts are deemed in compliance with the program and funding requirements for these programs for the 2008-09 through 2014-15 fiscal years. As a result of this flexibility, the district may choose to temporarily suspend certain provisions of the following policy or administrative regulation that reflect those requirements.

The Board of Trustees has established a Gifted and Talented Education Program according to the provisions of Education Code and will maintain the program according to law, and the regulations of the State Department of Education, and available funding.


Adopted: March 21, 2013
Evergreen School District, San Jose, California