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Instruction > Board Policy 6164.6 - Identification and Education Under Section 504

The Board of Trustees believes that all children, including children with disabilities, should have an opportunity to learn in a safe and nurturing environment. The district shall work to identify children with disabilities who reside within its jurisdiction in order to ensure that they receive educational and related services required by law.

The Superintendent or designee shall provide identified students with disabilities with a free appropriate public education, as defined under Section 504 of the federal Rehabilitation Act of 1973. Such students shall receive regular or special education and related aids and services designed to meet their individual educational needs as adequately as the needs of nondisabled students are met. (34 CFR 104.33)

In addition, qualified students with disabilities shall be provided an equal opportunity to participate in programs and activities that are integral components of the district's basic education program, including, but not limited to, extracurricular athletics, interscholastic sports, and/or other nonacademic activities. (34 CFR 104.37)

In providing services to students with disabilities under Section 504, the Superintendent or designee shall ensure district compliance with law, including providing the students and their parents/guardians with applicable procedural safeguards and required notifications. Any dispute as to the identification, evaluation, or placement of any student with a disability shall be resolved in accordance with the processes specified in the "Procedural Safeguards" section of the accompanying administrative regulation.


Adopted: March 21, 2013
Revised: November 13, 2014
Evergreen School District, San Jose, California