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Instruction > Board Policy 6164.4 - Identification and Evaluation of Individuals for Special Education

The Board of Trustees recognizes the need to actively seek out and evaluate district residents from birth to age 21 who have disabilities in order to provide them with appropriate educational opportunities in accordance with state and federal law.

The Superintendent or designee shall establish a comprehensive system that includes procedures for the identification, screening, referral, and regular and triennial assessment of individuals eligible for special education, as well as procedures for the planning, implementation, and review of the education and related services provided to such individuals. (Education Code 56301)

The district's identification procedures shall include methods for utilizing referrals from parents/guardians, teachers, appropriate professionals, and others, and shall be coordinated with school site procedures for referral of students whose needs cannot be met with modifications to the regular instructional program. (Education Code 56302)

The Superintendent or designee shall notify parents/guardians, in writing, of their rights related to identification, referral, assessment, instructional planning, implementation, and review, including the right to consent to any assessment concerning their child. In addition, the Superintendent or designee shall notify parents/guardians of procedures for initiating a referral for assessment to identify individuals who need special education services. (Education Code 56301)


Adopted: March 21, 2013
Evergreen School District, San Jose, California