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Instruction > Board Policy 6142.1 - HIV/AIDS Prevention Instruction

The Board of Trustees recognizes that accurate information about family life and human sexuality may contribute to a decreased risk for sexually transmitted diseases or unintended pregnancies. The Board also recognizes that Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) and Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS) pose a public health crisis and that education is a necessary component for helping to slow the spread of this disease. The Board therefore desires to provide a well-planned sequence of instruction on comprehensive sexual health and HIV/AIDS prevention.

The district's curriculum shall be based on medically accurate and factual information and shall help students understand the biological, psychological and social aspects of human sexuality. The district's program shall comply with the requirements of law and administrative regulation and shall respect the rights of parents/guardians to supervise their children's education on these subjects and parents/guardians to impart values regarding human sexuality to their children.

Parent/Guardian Notification and Excuse

At the beginning of each school year, or at the time of a student's enrollment, parents/guardians shall be notified about instruction in comprehensive sexual health education and HIV/AIDS prevention education, as well as research on student health behaviors and risks, planned for the coming year. The notice shall advise parents/guardian: (Education Code 48980, 51938)

  1. That written and audiovisual educational materials to be used in comprehensive sexual health and HIV/AIDS prevention education are available for inspection.

  2. That parents/guardians may request in writing that their child not receive comprehensive sexual health or HIV/AIDS prevention education.

  3. That parents/guardians have a right to request a copy of Education Code 51930-51938.

  4. Whether the comprehensive sexual health or HIV/AIDS prevention education will be taught by district personnel or outside consultants.

If the district chooses to use outside consultants or to hold an assembly with guest speakers to teach the comprehensive sexual health or HIV/AIDS prevention education, the notification shall include: (Education Code 51938)

  1. The date of the instruction.

  2. The name of the organization or affiliation of each guest speaker.

  3. Information stating the right of the parent/guardian to request a copy of Education Code 51933-51934.

If the arrangements for instruction by outside consultants or guest speakers are made after the beginning of the school year, the district shall notify parents/guardians by mail or another commonly used method of notification no fewer than 14 days before the instruction is given. (Education Code 51938)

Upon written request, a parent/guardian may excuse his/her child from participating in comprehensive sexual health or HIV/AIDS prevention education or from participating in questionnaires or surveys regarding health behaviors and risks. Students so excused by their parents/guardians shall be given an alternative educational activity. (Education Code 51240, 51939)

A student shall not be subject to disciplinary action, academic penalty, or other sanction if the student's parent/guardian declines to permit the student to receive the instruction. (Education Code 51939)


Adopted: March 21, 2013
Evergreen School District, San Jose, California