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Instruction > Board Policy 6130 - Organizational Plans

The Board of Trustees of the district, at present, has organized its schools on a K-6, and 7-8 programs basically. Such other plans as K-6, K-5, and 6-8 have been used for specific short-term purposes. School organization is related directly to student needs.

School Organization: K-6

The basic organizational plan of the district is that of the graded classroom and graded school. Within this concept the self-contained classroom is the most common organizational pattern. The two-teacher team is also used in those schools having facilities suited to this type of organization. Some of the two-teacher teams are organized on a multi-grade basis or are non-graded. Schools designed with an open space concept through joint planning of the principal and staff may develop an organization suited to these needs.

School Organization: 7-8

The intermediate school is organized on a departmental basis. The structure includes regular classrooms, vocal and instrumental music rooms, as well as a library-office unit, a cafeteria-multi-purpose building, and a shower-locker building.


Adopted: March 21, 2013
Evergreen School District, San Jose, California