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Instruction > Administrative Regulation 6161 - Equipment, Books and Materials

District-Owned Musical Instruments

The district cannot provide instruments for all children who wish to take advantage of instrumental music instruction. Therefore, the following rules and regulations have been established to provide an equitable loan of district instruments.

  1. The loan of school-owned instruments shall be made by the music teachers based upon family need, student ability, and the need to the music program.

  2. The duration of the loan of the instrument will be determined by the music teacher based upon student progress, family need, and need to the music program.

  3. Music teachers who loan district-owned instruments to students must keep an accurate record for inventory control purposes.

Obsolete or Unusable Text Materials

Obsolete or unusable text materials are defined as materials that: a) include significant out-of-date content or are not up to date in content coverage and/or b) do not adequately relate to current district objectives.


All text materials will be inventoried annually. Forms will be provided by the district. One copy of the inventory will remain at the site and one copy will be forwarded to the District Instruction Department.


Regulation approved: March 21, 2013
Evergreen School District, San Jose, California