Facilities Advisory Committee

The Facilities Advisory Committee was created by the Board of Trustees to ultimately deliver a set of recommendations to the Board of Trustees as to how it might maximize the use of its facilities to both serve the community and perhaps generate revenue. The Board is not obligated to adopt these recommendations but will take them under advisement as it makes decisions related to the District’s facilities. The Committee members were approved by the Board of Trustees on June 9, 2016 with the aforementioned goal in mind.

The Facilities Advisory Committee is tasked with analyzing enrollment projections, school boundaries, school capacities, and all facilities conditions. The Facilities Advisory Committee will explore potential revenue generating solutions and other necessary facilities in neighborhoods that may be lacking. All aforementioned will be taken into consideration in the recommendations that Facilities Advisory Committee submits to the Board of Trustees.

Committee Members:

Pauline Benton (Chairperson), Barry Schimmel (Co-Chairperson), Chanice Mason (Secretary), Gracie Garcia-Ramos, Melissa Shelton-Biscardi, Jane Martin, Linda Mora, Niraj Gopal, Stacy Johnston, Carlos Da Silva, Brian Wheatley, Bob Moore (Alternate 1), Nguyen Quach (Alternate 2), Thiagarajan Lakshmanan (Alternate 3)

This Board Presentation explains the process, the roles and the statute of the Facilities Advisory Committee:

Facilities Advisory Committee Presentation April 14, 2016

Final Recommendation