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How to Begin

Substitute Job Openings

Thank you for your interest in learning more about substitute positions in Evergreen School District and how to become part of our dynamic and energetic team of people who educate and support our students.

We have job opportunities available in both certificated and classified positions. Teaching and other positions that require a credential are known as certificated positions.  Non-teaching positions that don't require a credential are called classified. Positions like food service workers, secretaries, instructional assistants, and custodians in schools are all examples of classified jobs.

Finding the Right Position for You

We invite you to start our application process by first reviewing our certificated and classified substitute job openings. Once you determine what job you want to apply for, next complete the Substitute online application. To learn more about our current job openings, please click on the green boxes below.

Certificated Substitute Jobs

  • Elementary Teacher (Transitional Kindergarten to 6th grade)

  • Middle School Teacher (7th and 8th grade- all subjects)

  • Special Education Teacher

Classified Substitute Jobs

  • Special Education Instructional Assistant (up to 6 hours a day)

  • Transitional Kindergarten Aide (6 hours a day)

  • Kindergarten Aide (2.5 hours a day)

  • Front Office Secretary or Health Clerk (up to 8 hours a day)

  • Child Nutrition Services (2 to 5 hours a day)

  • Day and Night Custodian (6 to 8 hours a day)

  • Noon Aide (1 to 2 hours a day)