TK-8 District of Choice

Evergreen Induction Program

Evergreen School District’s Induction Program (EIP) is a two-year program of job embedded professional growth in which teachers refine and enhance teaching skills through a reflective inquiry process as they work towards obtaining a California clear credential beginning the first year of teaching. The preliminary credentialed teacher is matched with an experienced teacher who is their mentor for two years. These mentors receive comprehensive training in mentoring and formative assessment, to help prepare new teachers for implementing the State-adopted academic content standards, the CSTP, and the Induction standards with demonstrated practice. Induction focuses on teacher support techniques, inquiry into practice, reflection, and professional goal setting. The purpose of Induction is to support each participating teacher to deepen their practice so that the academic learning needs of all students are met. It also supports the beginning teachers in their completion of clear credential requirements as outlined in the Standards of Quality and Effectiveness for Professional Teacher Induction Programs.

New Teacher Candidates

Teachers with a California Preliminary/Level 1 Credential and those who are registered with California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) prior to November 1 of each school year are eligible to participate in Induction. Candidates with SB 2042 Preliminary Credentials are required to complete a two-year state-approved Induction Program in order to earn their California Professional Clear Credential.


The Evergreen School District believes that providing new teachers with mentor support is essential to our teachers' professional growth. Mentors provide leadership as a mentor to a teacher candidate. They guide the teacher candidate through the goal development, the inquiry process, and overall professional growth throughout their two years of Induction. The Evergreen School District Induction Program employs mentors who are full-time classroom teachers and qualified retired teachers.