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Teacher Support Programs

Dr. Flores addressing new teachers


Evergreen School District believes that effective teachers are the key to helping students become life-long learners, collaborators, and critical thinkers. Our teacher support programs help teachers new to the Evergreen School District to engage in a collaborative mentoring model of support.

It is important to remember that no matter how skilled the educator, or the physician or the athlete, learning a profession is a never-ending process… even champions have coaches!

- Madeline Hunter


Our Vision


To develop competent, caring, and quality teachers and staff in order to promote increased student achievement and social well-being.

Our Mission


To use our collective knowledge to work collaboratively to increase student learning in our classrooms.

Our Goals


To implement programs that builds a sustainable collaborative and reflective teaching practice for teachers by:

  • Improving teacher performance through individualized, one-on-one mentor support and professional development
  • Increasing teacher collaboration through professional networking and classroom observations
  • Increasing teacher effectiveness through data collection, analysis, and reflection on the implications of student learning in their classroom
  • Retain capable teachers by increasing teaching profession satisfaction