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Mental Health & Awareness Resources

School Counseling Services

Comprehensive school counseling services will be offered to all students throughout the year. These services include academic support, college and career planning, as well as individual and small group counseling to address social and emotional concerns that cause students to experience troubles at school. Additional resources and suggestions for referrals to outside agencies are also available through the assistant principals, the school counselor or the school psychologist. Learn more about the services at each of our schools: Chaboya Counseling Services, LeyVa School Support Services, Quimby Oak Counseling Services.

Wellness Team

Evergreen School District (ESD) strives to promote academic achievement while also supporting the social and emotional needs of its students. Our schools have counselors, school social workers, and school psychologists along with rotating social work interns and marriage and family therapy trainees to support students through different types of challenges and opportunities. Meet our Wellness Team.

Mental Health & Awareness | CONNECTIONS

Created with our students and parents in mind, our Mental Health & Wellness | CONNECTIONS website is filled with wide variety of resources to help support, connect, and inform the families that attend our schools.