TK-8 District of Choice

Learner Profile

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Students are becoming academically literate while exercising the important qualities of self-directedness, perseverance, time management, communication, empathy and responsibility in order to be well-rounded learners.


  • Demonstrates academic literacy: Reading, Writing, Math, Science, and Social Studies.
  • Is self-directed. Perseveres through difficult tasks.
  • Overcomes academic and personal barriers to set and meet goals.
  • Communicates effectively to share knowledge and thinking.
  • Uses content knowledge to lead ethically and responsibly.

Learning Targets

  • I can read grade level material and understand, infer, analyze, and respond across all subject areas.
  • I can use the resources around me with determination to overcome academic and/or personal barriers.
  • I can design a plan of action to meet my goals.
  • I can share my thoughts and knowledge with others about my learning.
  • I can apply my learning to make good decisions and lead by example.

Transitional Kindergarten - 2nd Grade

  1. I can understand what I read by asking and answering questions.
  2. I can find ways to solve my problems.
  3. I can make a plan to reach my goals.
  4. I can share what I have learned.
  5. I can make good choices with what I learned.

3rd - 5th Grades

  1. I can read grade level materials and show understanding.
  2. I can use a variety of resources to overcome challenges.
  3. I can create a plan to reach my goals.
  4. I can share my thoughts and knowledge with others.
  5. I can use my knowledge to make thoughtful decisions.

6th - 8th Grades

  1. I can read, write, speak, and apply knowledge in all subject areas.
  2. I can identify and use resources to successfully complete tasks.
  3. I can design a plan that helps me manage and accomplish tasks.
  4. I can share and apply my thoughts and knowledge with others.
  5. I can apply my knowledge to make responsible decisions and act as a role model for others.