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In Evergreen School District, we engage our students in authentic learning that prepares them with the skills to be global-minded citizens. Parents want to know their child is on the right path for success in life. Our teachers want to ensure that students learn the skills needed to open doors to the future. Together we recognize that we have an important role in establishing the foundation for our children to grow and thrive.

The knowledge, skills, and attributes our students will need to pursue individual dreams and positively impact the world are defined in our Profile of a Learner. As a Learner, Communicator, Collaborator, Critical Thinker, Innovator, and Advocate, our profile includes outcomes and learning targets we want all our students to achieve during their school years in Evergreen School District.

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We engage students in authentic learning that prepares them
with the skills to be global-minded citizens.

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Be academically literate.
(Reading, Writing, Math, Science and Social Studies)

Be self-directed.

Perseveres in difficult tasks and to overcome academic and personal barriers to meet goals.

Uses time and resources wisely to set goals, complete tasks, and manage projects.

Communicates effectively to make meaningful connections.

Demonstrates empathy, compassion, and respect for others.

Acts responsibly and ethically to build trust and lead.

Respectfully relates to others on an emotional level in order to integrate multiple perspectives.

Employs active listening strategies to advance understanding.

Speaks in a purposeful manner to inform, influence, motivate, or entertain listeners.

Incorporates effective writing skills for various purposes and audiences to convey understanding and concepts.

Uses technological skills and contemporary digital tools to explore and exchange ideas.

Expresses thought, ideas, and emotions meaningfully and creatively.

Works interdependently and inclusively to promote learning, increase productivity, and achieve shared goals.

Expresses and recognizes multiple viewpoints in order to engage with others in thoughtful discussion.

Is receptive to feedback to improve ideas and implement decisions.

Demonstrates open-ended thought to enhance the design/build process.

Evaluates ideas and information sources for validity, relevance, and impact.

Reasons through and weighs evidence to reach conclusions.

Challenges assumptions.

Has the ability to suspend judgements.

Applies skills to acquire knowledge and broaden perspectives.

Constructs arguments.

Engages in problem solving, inquiry, and design of innovative solutions to overcome obstacles to improve outcomes.

Builds resilience through risk-taking and setbacks.

Creates new ideas/products with value and meaning.

Demonstrates open-ended and innovative thought to enhance the design/build process.

Uses information in novel and creative ways to strengthen comprehension and deepen awareness.

Creates inclusive conditions for all.

Engages in healthy and positive practices to promote physical and mental well-being.

Voices the value of diversity and the interdependence of all people.

Engages in reflection for self-improvement and advocacy.

Acknowledges, understands, and takes action when considering local, national, and world issues.

Contributes to solutions that benefit the community.

Promotes environmental stewardship.


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