TK-8 District of Choice

Data, Resources and Next Steps

2022-2023 Preliminary  SBAC & CAST Scores

English Learners

2022-23 Preliminary SBAC and CAST Scores

SBAC - Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium
ELA - English Language Arts
Math - Mathematics
CAST - California Science Test

* 2022-2023 Reclassification Rate - 573 students reclassified

Next Steps

  • Build sustainability around the equity plan within the English Learner Master Plan
  • Ensure that all stakeholder groups (community, classified, certificated, Board) are represented and included
  • Implementation and execution of EESDs 3-year equity professional development plan with all stakeholders - Nicole Anderson and Associates Consulting, LLC
  • Spread equity work and have courageous conversations at school sites
  • Equity work with administrators, teachers, and stakeholders (ILT)
  • Equity work with parents (DELAC/DAC)
  • Speaker to facilitate equity discussions to administrators as needed


  • Books
    • Cultural Proficiency: A Manual for School Leaders 4th Edition by Dr. Kikanza J. Nuri Robins, Randall B. Lindsey, and Raymond D. Terrell
    • Excellence Through Equity by Alan M. Blankstein, Pedro Noguera with Lorena Kelly
  • Web