TK-8 District of Choice


District English Learners Advisory Committee Bylaws

Article I: Name

The name of this committee shall be the District English Learners Advisory Committee (DELAC) formally known as the BDAC.

Article II: Purpose

The DELAC will function as a subcommittee of the Categorical Programs District Advisory Council (DAC). The purpose of the committee shall be to:

  1. Advise on the development of a statement pertaining to the education of English Language Learners (ELL) in the District LEAP (Local Educational Agency Plan) for Education.
  2. Assist in conducting a district-wide ELD needs assessment (survey) at each school.
  3. Assist in the establishment of goals and objectives for the ELD program.
  4. Assist in the annual R-30 Language Census.
  5. Review and comment on written notification to parents of ELL and fluent English proficient (FEP) students.
  6. Review and comment on the district established redesignation criteria, standards and procedures.

Article III: Membership

  1. Parents of ELL students not employed by the district shall constitute a majority of the committee.
  2. Each school’s English Learners Advisory Committee (ELAC) shall elect at least one member to the District English Learners Advisory Committee (DELAC) prior to October 15 the regular term of the membership shall be two years.
  3. Any DELAC member may resign by written and/or verbal notice. Resignations should be noted in the minutes of the next regularly scheduled meeting.
  4. When a parent resignation occurs, the school which was represented will select a person with the proper qualifications to complete the term, using the appropriate election process.

Article IV: Duties of the Committee Members

It shall be the duties of all members to:

  1. Attend all meetings. If a member misses two consecutive meetings his/her membership will be terminated.
  2. Accept positions as officers or subcommittee members when so appointed or elected unless unable to carry out the duties entailed.

Article V: Officers

  1. The officers of the committee shall include a chairperson, vice-chairperson and secretary. The positions of chairperson and vice-chairperson are to be filled by parent representatives.
  2. Officers shall be elected by members of the DELAC at the first meeting.
  3. The duties of the chairperson are to preside over meetings, serve as the DELAC parent representative on the Categorical Program’s District Advisory Council (DAC) and conduct all proper business of the advisory meetings.
  4. The duties of the vice-chairperson shall be to preside over meetings when the chairperson is unable to attend a DELAC meeting, serve as the alternate parent representative on the Categorical Program DAC and perform other duties as assigned by the chairperson.
  5. The secretary shall take minutes of each meeting and assist in providing information to the DAC.

Article VI: Meetings and Quorum

  1. The DELAC shall meet five times a year in the months of October, January, March, April and May. These meetings will be held on the last Wednesday of the month from 6 to 7 p.m. in the Teachers Center. Additional meetings may be scheduled to complete business of the committee.
  2. All meetings are open to the public. Parents of the program participants will be notified of the time and place of the meetings by written notice and/or a phone call.
  3. A quorum will be established by presence of fifty-one percent (51%) of the voting members.

Article VII: Committees

  1. The chairperson shall appoint such committees as he/she considers necessary or as directed by a majority of the members present.
  2. Unless otherwise determined by the DELAC in its decision to establish a committee, the chairperson shall appoint members to the various committees.

Article VIII: Amendments

These bylaws may be amended at any meeting when a quorum is present.