District Advisory Committee (DAC)

The District Advisory Committee (DAC) is comprised of representatives from each of the 16 School Site Councils. This committee meets five times a year with the purpose of advising the school district in the development of educational programs that receive categorical funding. While voting members are elected to their positions, all meetings are open to the public. The committee meets the first Wednesday of October (a district-wide training) and the second Wednesday of November, January, February, March, and May.

Meeting participants have the option to attend 2021-2022 meetings in person located in the Educational Services Building, 3188 Quimby Road, in the Teacher Center or virtually through Zoom webinar. In person capacity will be capped at 16 participants. Remote participants will be required to pre-register to attend via Zoom webinar.  A registration link will be provided prior to each meeting.

DAC Bylaws (PDF)

School Site Council (PDF)

DAC Meetings 2021-2022


DAC Meeting Agendas and Minutes