TK-8 District of Choice

Flyer Approval and Distribution

The Director of Communications for Evergreen School District will consider all requests for publicizing an event, service, or opportunity to Evergreen School District students and their families and/or to district staff.

Flyers that are approved for distribution must meet the following criteria:

  • Material contributes to the education, health, welfare or safety of students and their families and is consistent with the educational mission of the Evergreen School District, including a commitment to public education.
  • Organization requesting permission to distribute flyers has submitted proof of non-profit (for non-facility users) or for-profit status (facility users) to the district (required annually). You may contact Jessica Villalobos via email at for any questions.
  • Flyers must include the following disclaimer:
    “The Evergreen School District neither endorses nor sponsors the organization or activity represented in this document. The distribution of this material is provided as a community service.”
  • Material does not promote any commercial enterprise.
  • Materials may not be distributed the first three (3) weeks or the last two (2) weeks of the school year (excluding YMCA/City of San Jose child care and after-school program information).

The Evergreen School District reserves the right to deny the approval of any flyer, which in the opinion of the Director of Communications does not meet the above criteria. The Director of Communications also reserves the right to use his/her discretion to deny any flyer that may not support the goals or mission of ESD or does not further the overarching mission of the East Side Alliance.

Once a flyer is approved, the requesting agency is responsible for delivering/posting the flyer on (online eFlyer service).

Informational items may be approved for inclusion in school newsletters but will be approved at the discretion of each school principal.