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Benefits of Applying

Help us bring more funding to our school


Please complete a
Free and Reduced Meal Application
to Increase School Funding

Meal applications make a difference. Evergreen School District is requesting that all parents and/or guardians complete a Free and Reduced Meal Application, even if you are planning to send a lunch from home. Our school is eligible for special funding offered by local, state and federal programs based on the amount of students who qualify. Please complete an application before September 28, 2022 to ensure our school receives all available funds. Meal applications can be completed at

The information provided is confidential and will NOT be shared with outside agencies. Health and nutrition benefits are NOT included in the public charge rule and do NOT affect your immigration status. We need your support! Please take a moment to complete the form as soon as possible. Our district is proud of its diversity and ability to offer students a variety of programs and services. The following are examples of the benefits available to both our school and your family:

Benefit your family

  • Discounts for home utilities, such as phone and internet
  • Discounts for enrichment programs like summer camps and afterschool programs
  • Eligibility for programs like P-EBT

Benefit your school

  • Special education program
  • Books and classroom supplies
  • Construction and maintenance projects
  • Professional development
  • Transportation services
  • Literacy and enrichment
  • Computers, laptops and hot-spot devices
  • Counseling and intervention
  • Solar panel and energy services

We ask for your support in completing a Free and Reduced Meal Application today. Meal applications can be submitted anytime during the school year but it is important to submit your application prior to September 28, 2022 to ensure your eligibility is counted for school funding. Hard copy applications are available to print or can be picked up in our school office or at the Child Nutrition Services office if needed.  If you have any questions or need help completing the form, please contact Child Nutrition Services at (408) 223-4500.

Thank you for your support.