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Free & Reduced Price Meals

Child Nutrition Services is proud to announce that ALL students will receive TWO FREE meals each school day, regardless of income. Commencing school year 2022-23, Evergreen School District began participating in the federal program called Provision 2 Special Assistance Program available to schools as part of the National School Lunch Program and School Breakfast Program.

Provision 2 operates on a four year cycle. The first year, or base year, sets federal and state meal program reimbursement based on the percentages of free, reduced, and paid meals served during 2022-23. Child Nutrition Services will not make any new free or reduced-price meal eligibility determinations in subsequent cycle years. As a result, households experience a reduction in burden as families will not be asked to complete a Free & Reduced Meal Application in non-base years. Evergreen School District however, may request new or incoming transfer students to complete an Education Benefit form.  Education Benefit  forms will not affect your student’s ability to receive two free meals a day. Completing the form is critical to secure essential funding for the District, as well as make families eligible for discounted utilities and internet, college application fees, after-school programs and more.


If you still have questions, please see our Frequently Asked Questions regarding free and reduced price meals.


To Apply Education Benefit Form click on the link below:


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